“It was difficult”: Teen Mom star Leah Messer opens up about her breakup with ex-fiancé Jaylan Mobley

After a shocking heartbreak, Leah wants to celebrate the holidays with her daughters (Image via leahmesser/ Instagram)
After a shocking heartbreak, Leah wants to celebrate the holidays with her daughters (Image via leahmesser/ Instagram)

Leah Messer is finally opening up about her broken engagement with Jaylan Mobley after the finale of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter aired on MTV on Tuesday, December 13.

The pair got engaged in front of the cameras in August 2022, which aired on the show's 14th episode. Unfortunately, they split just two months after their engagement after Jaylan cheated on Leah. While the latter could not reveal a lot of details at the time, in a recent interview with People, Leah said she was "doing great" now. However, the beginning of her breakup was "difficult":

"The beginning of my breakup, it was difficult. But there's a healing process, there's a grieving process after any breakup. You form an attachment with someone and a connection, and you get to grieve that if that relationship doesn't align."

Leah Messer is excited to spend her holidays with her three daughters and “continue to do” what they do as a family together. She also shared that she was deeply involved in self-care and advised the same to others:

"I think self-care for everyone looks completely different. So if it's a spa day, if it's meditating, if it's hiking, really the way that I ground myself is through Earth."

The Teen Mom star also told others to take a walk, hike, and listen to music to do some self-care. Messer said that it was important to take time out for “ourselves” and have a "good support system and your friends."

Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley first met each other at an event: A relationship timeline of the Teen Mom star and her ex-fiancé

MTV's Teen Mom star Leah Messer is from West Virginia and became famous in 2010 when she appeared on 16 and Pregnant. At the time, Leah and her then-partner Corey Simms co-parented their two daughters, Aliannah and Aleeah. However, she soon divorced him after multiple fights and married Jeremy Calvert, with whom she had another daughter named Addie.

Leah divorced Jeremy in 2015. Following this, she met 26-year-old US Army cyber officer Jaylan in September 2020 at an event and followed him on social media. The duo initially did not speak for months, but after exchanging a couple of messages, they went on their first date in February 2021. In an interview with The Outlook, Leah revealed that Jaylan took her out for dinner at the Bricks & Barrels in Charleston. After this, the two went to a Wiz Khalifa concert at the WV Power Park.

Leah and Jaylan officially became a couple in August 2021 when the latter asked her to be his girlfriend in Costa Rica. They made their relationship public on Instagram in September 2021 through a professional photoshoot, and Jaylan even participated in the family Halloween tradition in October.

The following year in April, he bought a house for Leah and him, and the two also adopted a French bulldog named Blue in the same month. In August 2022, Jaylan proposed to Leah Messer on their one-year anniversary trip to Costa Rica and informed her that he had added her name to the home’s contract.

The pair broke up soon after their engagement and shared the news through a mutual statement on social media. On December 8, Leah Messer commented on Twitter that Jaylan had prepared a fake document and had pocketed all of the down payment she gave for the house:

"This doesn’t have anything to do with WHY we broke up but the deed scene was BS as well. He made up a fake document to get my real on-camera happy reaction and had me believing I was on the deed until we got home and I learned otherwise. #publicitystunt #FOH"

She also claimed that Jaylan asking her stepfather for her hand in marriage before proposing was just a publicity stunt.

As of this writing, Leah Messer has not revealed if she is currently dating anyone.

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