"It's so boring!!!": Halloween Wars fans are not impressed with the new format on Season 12 premiere

Fans slam Halloween Wars snowmakers for not having an in-person host (Image via aartipaartipics/ Instagram)
Fans slam Halloween Wars snowmakers for not having an in-person host (Image via aartipaartipics/ Instagram)

Halloween Wars Season 12 premiered on Food Network on Sunday, September 18, 2022, and just like last season, failed to impress the audience with its new format.

Until Season 10, the show used to premiere in October, but now it airs in September instead.

The season premiere left fans unimpressed since they did not like the reduced prize money, off-screen host or the lack of guest judges, and claimed that the new changes made the show look boring.

I'm not feeling this new #HalloweenWars format. It's so boring!!! What ever happened to if it ain't broke don't fix it. Huh? I know sometimes change can be good but this was not a good change. It went from good to bad. I mean...I just...idk..idk This ain't it!

After the format changed for season 11 of Halloween Wars, which premiered last year, some fans even signed a petition demanding that the Small Scare challenge, an in-person host and pumpkin carvers be brought back to the show.

So far, the petition has received 511 signatures.

What are the changes in Halloween Wars this season?

The first disappointment was ghost adventurer Zak Bagans, who failed to make a good impression because he did not even appear on the show and instead hosted and gave challenges to the team via a TV screen.

Judges Aarti Sequeira, Shinmin L and Eddie Jackson also failed to impress viewers because having three judges meant no more surprise guest visitations. Previously, the third guest judge used to be someone related to the horror theme.

However, one saving grace this season was the inclusion of pumpkin carvers, unlike last season, when they were not included in the teams.

#HalloweenWars ugh thereโ€™s no small scare?? Itโ€™s soooo slow, please bring back the regular Halloween Wars!! ๐Ÿ˜ซ

Previously, each team used to face two challenges: the Small Scare and the Spine Chiller. In the Small Scare, teams were asked to make their own interpretation of a scary theme within 45 minutes. This was followed up by a bigger challenge in the Spine Chiller round. The winners of the first round used to get an extra assist for the second one.

The showmakers of Halloween Wars did not include the Small Scare challenge this season, as was evident from the premiere, where the teams only competed in the Spine Chiller round.

The prize money for the winning teams has also been reduced from $50,000 (as seen in the first 10 seasons) to a mere $25,000.

Halloween Wars fans slam showmakers for making changes to the show's original format

Those who watched the premiere took to Twitter to complain about the new format and asked the showmakers to remove the changes made on the show. Fans also wrote that they missed the old set decoration of the show.

@FoodNetwork Kudos for bringing back the pumpkin carvers.But, time to dump the Zak Bagans tie-in...and bring back the old format with Small Scares, big displays, and tasting elements.#HalloweenWars
.@FoodNetwork this season is so bad already we're watching season 2 thru spectrum on demand. #HalloweenWars who's with me? Get it together FN. This new format SUCKS
Does anyone else hate #HalloweenWars now? Go back to the old format, this sucks.
Am I the only one who can't stand having @Zak_Bagins on the stupid monitor rather than actually being there? What's the point of it? I've watch #HalloweenWars since the first season and just can't stand this format. Bring back the old host, at least he was there.
#HalloweenWars This new format stinks. No small scare? And what's with the lousy lighting? At least they had the good sense to bring back the pumpkin carvers and Shinmin Li. 20 minutes in and I'm already underwhelmed. What a disappointment.
Just a reminder to @FoodNetwork. WE DONT LIKE ZAK. ALSO THE NEW FORMAT IS JUST THE BIG BAKE ONE HOUR EARLIER THEN THE BIG BAKE. (yes I know I'm yelling)Sign the #HalloweenWars petition.
#HalloweenWars Watched first 2 episodes. Won't waste my time watching more. First 10 seasons were great, some better than others. Last season was horrible & this season is only slightly better due to pumpkins being back. But, it is no longer the competition I loved.
Looks like another bad season of #HalloweenWars ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ Terrible host, more cake than pumpkins, and the judges donโ€™t fit. No celebrity guests (like Elvira) either. So disappointing! I really used to look forward to this show, but itโ€™s just Halloween baking with some pumpkin elements๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป
@FoodNetwork @Zak_Bagans The show absolutely sucks. Thought they would listen to the viewers from last years debacle and bring back the old format and pumpkin carvers. Just another cake contest, and bad one at that. I wonโ€™t be watching. RT #HalloweenWars

More about Halloween Wars Season 12 premiere

In the season premiere, team Mixin Vixens prepared a lifesize cake based on the theme of a vampire who invited everyone to his tea party but no one showed up. The team captured the vampire's anger with broken cups and plates. The judges loved the details on the figure and the blood splatters on the teeth.

Judge Eddie felt that the figure should have been a little bit more muscular. The judges also said that there was very little flavor in the tea cake.

Team Eerie Eats made a cake representing a werewolf who wanted to win the throne and had two faces of the Queen and King mounted on a wooden plank for decoration. Judges were blown away by the detailed wrinkled faces and hair. Their mask, a required item, was broken, but they managed to make one quickly.

Team Wicked Delicious made a vampire cake with the wife eating her husband's heart.

By the end of the episode, judges sent team Mixin Vixens home.

Next week on Halloween Wars, fans will see three teams making a prison themed life-size cake to qualify for the next round. The show airs on Food Network every Sunday at 9 pm ET.

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