''It's got me very nervous'': Steven Spielberg opens up on using Artificial Intelligence in films

Steven Spielberg recently opened up, revealing his thoughts on A.I. (Image via npr.org)
Steven Spielberg recently opened up and revealed his thoughts on A.I. (Image via npr.org)

Filmmaker extraordinaire Steven Spielberg recently opened up about his opinions on Artificial Intelligence, among other things, on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

In a bonus clip released on the show's official YouTube channel, the Jurassic Park director was asked about his opinion on A.I. generated art and what he thought it would mean for the creation of films in the future.


The 76-year-old American filmaker stated:

"I love it. I love anything that is created not by a computer but by a human person. When a human person uses the medium of the digital tools to express themselves and say something, that's fantastic."

However, when Colbert broke down his question further, explaining how the technology was making graphic artists "very nervous," Steven Spielberg responded by saying that it has gotten him "very nervous" as well.

Steven Spielberg feels that he has already shared his take on Artificial Intelligence with his 2001 film A.I.

Continuing his conversation about artificial intelligence, Spielberg added that humans are basically taking something they created and giving it autonomy over their point of view and themselves.

When Colbert asked the 76-year-old if those developing artificial intelligence were so preoccupied with whether "they could that they're not stopping to think whether they should," Steven Spielberg said:

"I'm worried about that but people who do that for a living, you know, don't really... I don't think they have the... I don't think it's about morality. It's just about climbing a mountain and getting to the top, and then looking back down to ask the question "Is this better going to serve the humanity or is this going to default to what I created?""

He further continued:

"In a way, I've already done that movie. I've told that story with A.I. Look what takes over from humanity. The creation of humanity. These sort of simulacrums of people who didn't even think whether they could or whether they should. They only thought about whether they could. So, they built these Super Mechas, and the Super Mechas have turned around and looked back into the past.

Spielberg added:

Now, they are praying to the God that created them, and they look at David, the little boy. Because he was the first iteration of a sentient being and now they are kind of devoted to David because he was touched by human hands, and the human hands no longer exist because the humans basically defaulted to their own creations."

The filmmaker ended the discussion on a positive note, sharing his beliefs about the human soul; calling it something "unimaginable and ineffable," he emphasized that it cannot be created by any algorithm. However, Steven Spielberg disclosed that he was "terrified" by the practice of art being created by machines.

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