James Charles' YouTube channel temporarily demonetized: What does it mean and how will it affect his income?

James Charles' YouTube channel temporarily demonetized (Image via James Charles)
James Charles' YouTube channel temporarily demonetized (Image via James Charles)
Matthew Wilkins

After Shane Dawson and David Dobrik, James Charles has become the next major YouTube content creator to be demonetized. The 21-year-old beauty guru and media mogul has faced severe backlash in the last couple of months, stemming from accusations of pedophilia and solicitation of minors.

Earlier this month, James Charles uploaded a video addressing the serious accusations that were being levied against him. In the 14-minute long apology video that he uploaded on April 1st, 2021, James Charles owned up to accusations and confessed to having sent explicit messages to two minor boys.

This came as a shock after he had dismissed all accusations earlier in February. In light of these events, YouTube finally decided to take action and temporarily demonetize its channel.

What does demonetization on YouTube mean?

Demonetization on YouTube means a YouTuber has lost monetization rights to their video. They earn nothing from YouTube, including AdSense money.

Controversial YouTuber Shane Dawson, one of the first few people to have spoken up against James Charles during the "Bye Sister" saga, has been demonetized on YouTube for most of the past year. He, too, is facing accusations of pedophilia and racism.

No one knows when or if YouTube will again re-monetize these channels.

How does this look for James Charles financially?

Even though getting demonetized on YouTube wouldn't mean the end of the world for James Charles' finances, this development occurred right after he lost two other major avenues of his income.

He was recently removed as a host from his YouTube Red series, "Instant Influencer," a reality competition series that James Charles hosted and co-produced along with YouTube.

Soon after his video was released, beauty brand Morphe ended its long business partnership with James Charles. Morphe shared this statement on Twitter:

"In light of the recent allegations against James Charles, Morphe and James have agreed to end our business relationship and wind down sales of the Morphe x James Charles product offering."

Morphe has a palette that is one of their bestsellers, i.e. The Morphe X James Charles eyeshadow palette. James Charles has done many collaborations with Morphe in the past, and this came as a shock to fellow "Sisters" and consumers who loved their collaborative products.

Despite all these factors, Charles might not have a dent in his pocket. However, it may hinder prospects of brand collaborations and sponsorships in the future. How James Charles and YouTube handle the situation is still left to be seen.

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