Jay Park pauses mid-concert at Daegu WATERBOMB Festival to help fans, wins hearts online 

A still of Jay Park (Image via Twitter/@jaybumaom)
A still of Jay Park (Image via Twitter/@jaybumaom)

Popular rapper Jay Park has been making waves, not only for his incredible performances but also for his acts of kindness.

The MOMMAE singer was the headline performer at the recently concluded WATERBOMB Festival in Daegu. The rapper enthralled the audience with some breathtaking performances of his biggest hits, including MOMMAE, GANADARA, and Solo.

The Water Bomb festival is an annual summer splash-themed music festival. Some of the event's highlights include water gun fights and water sprays with performances from various music artists.

This year, the festival gained extra attention, both good and bad, partly because of the star-studded lineup which included MAMAMOO Hwasa, EXO Kai, ZICO, Jay Park, and Jessi, and partly because of the excessive water usage amidst a severe drought.

Jay Park's quick reaction is making news for the right reasons

This year marks Jay Park's third appearance at the prestigious event. He last performed at the music festival in 2018 and 2019.

Among the many highlights of the rapper's performance was his rendition of fan favorite number MOMMAE, where he was joined by dance crews HolyBang and MVP.

While his performance won hearts as usual, it was a different act that made headlines.

In recent days, there has been a huge debate about the artist's personal responsibility towards the audience. Jay Park's actions have certainly proved a point for many.

While performing his hit number Solo, the singer spotted one of his fans, who passed out due to the crowded auditorium. Park asked for the music to be stopped and pointed out the person so that they could receive help.

While this gesture might seem commonsensical and tiny, it still won hearts, especially since several other artists have chosen to ignore it in the past.

The rapper also checked in on Instagram stories, providing an assurance that the fan's condition was much better. He said:

"Those who came to Waterbomb Daegu looked a little tired, but thank you for staying excited until the end! 🙏❤️ Stay healthy, be happy, and get home safely. FYI, fortunately, I was told that the person who collapsed has regained consciousness and is doing better! Fighting!"

The moment where Jay Park paused the concert has gone viral on the internet. Many fans of the artist lauded his presence of mind in the midst of a medical emergency. Park also encouraged the rest of the attendants to stay hydrated before continuing the show.

Incidentally, he is not the only Korean artist to take such a step. At his June concert in Belgium, American-Korean singer Eric Nam was also praised for his quick response in case of a medical emergency that took place during the performance.

The actions of Park and Nam, which came not long after Travis Scott's disastrous Astroworld event, where 10 people lost their lives, have reignited a debate of culpability, compassion and professionalism.

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