Fans ask BELIFT for apology after ENHYPEN member Jake's V Live is overtaken by negative  comments

The group performed at SBS Inkigayo (image via Instagram/BELIFT LAB)
The group performed at SBS Inkigayo (image via Instagram/BELIFT LAB)

ENHYPEN member Jake’s recent V Live broadcast was overshadowed by the idol’s recent Inkigayo controversy. Several fans, however, had his back.

On January 23, at the SBS Inkigayo, the Korean-Australian singer was spotted wearing a necklace during ENHYPEN’s performance, with something inscribed on it. On closer inspection, several fans realized that the engraved word was Allah, the Arabic word for God. Many fans, especially those who followed Islam, were deeply upset by this cultural appropriation.

Fortunately, most of the fans did not put the blame on Jake, but on the group’s agency, BELIFT Lab, for their stylist’s dubious decision making.

However, on the recent V Live appearance by the singer, it appeared that several were still offended by the problematic necklace, and wanted a verbal apology from Jake, since neither BELIFT LAB nor HYBE have acknowledged or apologized.

ENHYPEN member Jake's V Live was flooded with calls for apologies

On February 18, Jake interacted with several fans via his V Live broadcast. While the session began well enough, it wasn't long before negative comments flooded the chat box. Many asked the idol to apologize for wearing a necklace that said “Allah”, while also attempting to educate the singer as to why it should not have been reduced to an accessory.

Shortly after, the conversation appeared to take a turn for the worse, with the demands for an apology becoming more aggressive. It appeared to many that the singer was not permitted to address the issue, as the idol’s facial expressions while reading the comments showed signs of discomfort and sorrow.

The backlash got worse when many in the audience started attacking the idol himself.

ENHYPEN fans, however, took matters into their own hands and attempted to explain to those offended that the fault was not Jake’s but the agency’s since idols rarely have any say over how they are dressed for an event. Fans claimed that it was most probably the company stylist’s decision to make the singer wear the necklace.

With the recent V Live, calls for a formal apology from BELIFT have resumed with increased fervor, with #BELIFT_APOLOGIZE trending on social media forums including Twitter.

Many ENGENEs were also left concerned for the ENHYPEN member's mental health following the controversy. Several wished the idol all the best.

BELIFT LAB and HYBE are yet to address the issue.

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