"I wanted Young-ro to be known as Young-ro": Jisoo reveals why she refused to sing an OST for 'Snowdrop'

The singer made her debut in the JTBC show (Image via JTBC)
The singer made her debut in the JTBC show (Image via JTBC)

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo might have impressed viewers with her incredible acting in the JTBC drama Snowdrop, but several fans were left disappointed with the lack of an OST sung by the idol. In a recent VLive, the actor-idol reveals why she chose not to do it, despite being asked.

Jisoo’s debut acting venture finished airing on January 30, with the show airing its last two episodes back-to-back. The finale reached the second-highest ratings of the drama’s entire run, at 3.4 percent.

The JTBC drama was set in 1987, against the backdrop of the presidential election. Set in a particularly tumultuous period in Korean history - 1980s, which saw the nation undergo a series of movements, including the June Democratic Struggle - Snowdrop explores the tragic love story of Eun Young-ro, played by the BLACKPINK idol, and a male North Korean spy, Jung Hae-in’s character Lim Soo-ho, who is working undercover in South Korea.

While the finale might have left several viewers in shock, most were impressed with the BLACKPINK member's acting skills, especially since she was surrounded by some of the most talented actors in the Korean industry.

BLACKPINK member and actor Jisoo chose to not sing the OST for 'Snowdrop'

In a recent fan interaction on VLive, the BLACKPINK singer revealed that she had been asked to lend her voice to a Snowdrop OST. Despite being a talented and experienced singer, Jisoo chose to decline the offer.

In the Live, the newbie actress stated that she wanted the focus to be on her acting skills, and not her singing prowess. She said:

"I was asked to sing for the OST of 'Snowdrop,' but I said 'no' because I thought if I lend my voice and it came out as a song, the viewers wouldn't be able to focus on the drama. I wanted Young-ro to be known as Young-ro only. The directors then respected my opinion”.

The idol was reportedly supposed to sing Snowdrop’s second original soundtrack, “Friends.”

Despite Jisoo’s refusal, the show’s music impressed all viewers, with many calling it “dreamy and Disney-like.” The song “Friend” was eventually sung by Kim Hee-Won. Some of the other songs featured in the historical drama included "Looks Like a Real Thing" by Jewhii and Jamie Miller’s song "Wishes," written especially for the show.


The show might have faced a lot of flak initially, swarmed by accusations of distortion of historical facts, but the show successfully ended on a high. While the fans were left heartbroken, they were not left disappointed.

With rumors of a Jisoo solo doing the rounds, many BLINKS are looking forward to seeing the artist in her singer avatar soon enough.

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