Snowdrop Ending Explained: Will Soo-ho and Yeong-ro survive the onslaught of attacks?

A still from Snowdrop finale episode (Image via jtbcdrama/Instagram)
A still from Snowdrop finale episode (Image via jtbcdrama/Instagram)
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Across its airtime, Snowdrop has been building towards one thing, and that is whether or not Soo-ho (Jung Hae-in) and Yeong-ro (Jisoo) get their happy ending. Despite the controversy surrounding the show, many viewers are rooting for the two lead characters to end up together.

The final episode, though underwhelming, sticks to its convictions and gives audiences a heartbreaking end. This is not to say that the show is bad, but there were certain aspects of the ending which could have been done better.

Disclaimer: Spoilers for Snowdrop ahead.

Does Soo-ho survive at the end of Snowdrop?

The short answer to this question is no. Even as the ANSP agents push back, attack and even get ready to bomb the entire dormitory into oblivion, Soo-ho's focus is on ensuring Yeong-ro's safety. In fact, at the beginning of the episode, Soo-ho, Cheong-ya, and the two other North Korean soldiers attempt to escape through a stowaway boat. However, they split up to hide from ANSP officials who are on the lookout for Cheong-ya and Soo-ho.

None of them are aware that the real secret agent is the caretaker of the dormitory and this cost team Soo-ho. His team members, the ones that he did his best by, are shot dead.

The old man has his orders from the higher authority, and he completes them irrespective of the people that this would affect. When Soo-ho learns about their death, he also learns about the situation escalating around the dormitory, and he is unable to leave Yeong-ro in danger.

He bids goodbye to Cheong-ya tells her to lead a good, happy life away from their country and all its toxic manipulation in the garb of patriotism. He returns to the dormitory at a critical moment in Snowdrop finale and helps Gang-mu and the girls escape from the ever-escalating situation.

In the end, when Yeong-ro refuses to leave his side, it is Gang-mu who forces her to walk out. Despite Gang-mu offering to stay behind and help distract the ANSP officers, Soo-ho is certain that Gang-mu would be able to help the girls and Yeong-ro better than he could.

Just as Soo-ho is unable to leave Yeong-ro, she too wants to ensure his safety. Despite Gang-mu's attempts, she ends up returning to his side and unfortunately, she also witnesses his death at the hands of the ANSP officers.

Snowdrop leaves loose ends, which begs the question, will there be another?

By the epilogue of Snowdrop, it is clear that Yeong-ro and Soo-ho do not get their happy ending. The audience does not get theirs either, as the show leaves quite a few loose ends.

For instance, what happens to Soo-ho's sister is not known, nor does Snowdrop expand on Cheon-ya's journey. As a silver lining in the gloom, it is clear that Gang-mu and Han-na have a happy ending. He also seems more empathetic towards Soo-ho and less understanding of the atrocities that ANSP has been committing.

Yeong-ro's stepmother's fate is also not something that the audience gets to see towards the end. Granted, the ANSP officers are under arrest, but what happened to the other players remains a mystery.

Could there be a follow-up season for Snowdrop? There is space within the show's ending to explore a second season, which could be led by Soo-ho's sister and her journey. However, considering the scandal that the show has been mired in, JTBC may not take a chance.

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