Jisoo, Jung Hae-in and the rest of Snowdrop's cast bid the show farewell

Snowdrop aired its last episode on January 30 (Image via JTBC)
Snowdrop aired its last episode on January 30 (Image via JTBC)

Despite the initial protests and backlash, JTBC’s drama Snowdrop, which starred Jisoo and Jung Hae-in, ended on a high, with critical acclaim from international fans. The cast gathered together to bid farewell to the show and to thank the viewers with the sweetest messages.

The show aired its last two episodes back-to-back on January 30, with the finale ending on the second-highest ratings of the drama’s entire run, at 3.4 percent. While the finale definitely broke the hearts of many viewers, the cast’s concluding remarks are sure to uplift the mood.

JTCB released a clip recording the farewell remarks of Snowdrop's cast, including Jisoo and Jung Hae-in

JTBC released the 17-minute clip on their official YouTube channel right after the season finale was aired. The clip opens with the lead Jung Hae-in, whose character, the dashing North Korean spy Lim Soo-ho, made several both swoon and cry.

After greeting everyone with his trademark smile, Jung Hae-in said:

“Today is the last day of filming. It’s time to say goodbye to ‘Snowdrop.'”

He opened up about the mixed feelings at the end of the show, saying that they were too complex to be described. He said:

“I think I’ll know once I film the final scene. Usually when a drama ends, you feel relieved, but how do I put it? It’s bittersweet.”

Jung Hae-in was also, as always, all praise for his Snowdrop co-star Jisoo. Snowdrop is the BLACKPINK member's first venture into acting. Thanking Jisoo, he said:

“I was very surprised by Young Ro (name of Jisoo’s character) on the set because of the way she immersed into her acting and her attitude towards the staff. [She has a] bright and positive energy. She understood the director’s directions very well, and she showed them right away. I was surprised by her speed and skills.”

He also made a cheeky reference to one of the show's most heartbreaking scenes, saying:

“Thank you for everything, Young Ro, and I really won’t be able to forget you. Jisoo is the best!”

The K-Pop sensation turned actress Jisoo then came on screen to bid farewell to the show. Starting with a cheerful smile, the rookie actress said:

“It doesn’t feel real yet [that it has come to an end], but I think it will hit me a few days later. I’m still feeling dazed, but I worked hard, so I hope you all enjoyed it. Thank you for loving ‘Snowdrop’ a lot.”

Snowdrop’s Young-ro also had words of gratitude for the Something in the Rain actor, saying:

“I think you worked hard to lead me because it was my first time playing a lead character, so I want to say thank you so much. Thanks to you, I was able to gain strength to film, so I really, really appreciate it.”

The rest of the Snowdrop cast, too, shared a couple of sentences describing their experience.

Yoo In-na, who took on a role different from all her earlier work, said:

“I wanted to show you a new side through this project, and I’m curious what you thought [about it]. I really did my best and had a lot of fun filming. I hope many people have a great time watching our drama.”

Jang Seung-jo, who played the righteous ANSP officer, was next in line. Contrary to expectations, the actor felt longing rather than relief, after finishing Snowdrop. He said:

“Rather than saying I feel relieved, I think I should say I feel longing. I don’t feel cheerful.”

The actor also opened up about his chemistry with Jung Hae-in and Jung Yoo-jin. While the former plays his arch-nemesis turned comrade, Jung Yoo-jin plays his former fiance.

While initially, Jang Seung-jo had many scenes with Jung Yoo-jin, their characters had to remain apart towards the end, making the actor cheekily remark:

“While filming, I wondered how you were doing.”

To Jung Hae-in, Jang Seung-jo simply said:

“Thank you, and I hope we can see each other again.”

Yoon Se Ah, Kim Hye Yoon, Jung Yoo Jin, Kim Min Kyu, Jung Shin Hye, Choi Hee Jin, and others are among the actors who offer farewell remarks in the video clip.

Watch the whole clip here:


Meanwhile, Snowdrop’s adorable behind-the-scenes clips, and the duo's fiery chemistry, have BLINKS across the world shipping Jisoo with Jung Hae-in.

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