Joe Exotic GoFundMe page launched in bid to raise $500,000 to pay back Carole Baskin

Joseph Maldonado-Passage and Carole Baskin (Image via Netflix)
Joseph Maldonado-Passage and Carole Baskin (Image via Netflix)

On January 5, Tiger King star Joe Exotic launched a GoFundMe page to raise capital to pay back Carole Baskin as per the court's ruling for the trademark lawsuit between them. The fundraiser set up by Joe's lawyer John Phillips aims to raise $500,000.

In Joe's fundraiser, he mentions that the funds would not be used for his cancer treatment or legal costs. He said:

"I cannot get a fresh start until I pay @$!%! Carole Baskin back. This fundraiser is set up to pay off Carole Baskin's / Big Cat Rescue's judgment against me to give me a fresh start."

Exotic also mentioned that the excess money from the fundraiser would be donated to some tiger conservation efforts or other charitable causes like Operation Smile. After 10 hours of launch, the fundraiser has only raised over $25.

Why does Joe Exotic owe Carole Baskin $500,000?


Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, has been incarcerated since 2020 for numerous animal abuse and killing charges. He also faces charges for conspiring to hire two hitmen to kill his "nemesis", Carole Baskin.

In 2013, the 58-year-old was asked by a U.S. District judge in Oklahoma to pay Carole $1 million for using logos and images similar to the ones owned by Baskin's animal sanctuary in Florida.

Baskin also received ownership of the infamous Joe Exotic's G.W. Zoo, which she later sold for $140,000. The sale reportedly came with a legal obligation for the property not to be used as a zoo or anything related to the Tiger King.

Recent update on Exotic's sentencing


Maldonado-Passage has now served over two years out of his 22-year sentencing. However, his sentencing is expected to be reduced later this month. On January 28, U.S. District Judge Scott Palk set the resentencing for Joe after a federal appeals court ruled that his previous sentencing was wrong.

In July 2021, the appeals court disputed the original sentencing of 22 years as the trial cited two separate "Murder for hire" charges while calculating his prison sentence. The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals stated that his sentencing should have been between 17 years and six months to under 22 years.

Last month, his attorney, John Phillips, reported that Joe has been delaying treatment for his prostate cancer until after his resentencing. The former zoo owner announced his cancer in November last year.


Meanwhile, Carole Baskin had unsuccessfully tried to prevent Netflix's Tiger King season 2 from being released back on November 17, 2021. However, a Florida judge dismissed the case citing "without prejudice."

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