Joe Pickett season 2 episodes 1 & 2 recaps: Who helped Joe in the forest?

A still from Joe Pickett (Image via. Paramount+)
A still from Joe Pickett (Image via Paramount+)

Season 2 of Joe Pickett has kicked off in the most violent way possible, with the protagonist running into more trouble. This time, his nemesis comes in the form of two killer siblings called the Grimm brothers. This Paramount+ series showcases the exploits of a Wyoming game warden and his family, who reside near the iconic Yellowstone National Park.

The first two episodes, titled The Missing and the Dead and The Question Why, saw a weary Joe being helped by a mysterious woman in the forest. The episodes were released on June 4, 2023, on Paramount+.

Joe Pickett season 2 episodes 1 and 2 recaps: Die Frank die?

Joe got knocked cold in but finally woke up in the woods. Upon getting his senses back, he noticed the Grimm brothers consuming the heart of an animal. The sinister brothers instantly sensed Joe's presence and shot at him. However, Joe maintained his composure and fought back, after which he shot one of the brothers in the face.

The brothers then regrouped and decided to find a way to get rid of Joe, or else they would be caught and imprisoned. Joe then found a mysterious cabin where he met a mysterious woman who gave her a drink to ease the pain. Meanwhile, Marybeth informed everyone in town that his husband was nowhere to be found.

Even though nobody helped her in the beginning, she got some support from Sheriff Barnum. Deputy McLanahan was going to arrive the following day to investigate. She even asked for help from Deputy Cricket. Back in the forest, Joe was again attackedwith bullets, which he somehow managed to dodged. In the forest, he saw a corpse hanging from a tree, but before he could do anything, he fell unconscious.

The next day, he was saved by Nate Romanowski, who took Joe to Cricket's place to surprise her but the latter was not happy to see him. She informed Nate that she can't be hanging with him anymore since he was a fugitive and she had just received a promotion.

Joe told Sheriff Barnume everything that had happened, following which it was revealed that Frank was dead. However, when the sheriffs inspected the forest, they found nothing. Deputy McLanahan told Sheriff Barnume to focus on finding Frank's body instead of fixating on Joe's story. When the titular protagonist learned that they were dropping the investigation, a furious Joe broke out of the hospital and decided to search the forest on his own.

When he entered the crime scene, he got into an argument with Sheriff Barnume, who told him that he needed to rest and recover. At this point, Frank's body was found. Before Joe left the scene, his corpse was brought down from the tree, but in doing so, a poker chip with a deer sign fell out of him. The episode ended with a sniper in the distance locked and loaded with its target being people at the crime scene.

Joe Pickett synopsis


Based on the books created by C.J. Box, Joe Pickett was directed by John Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle. The official synopsis of Joe Pickett Season 2 according to a Paramount+ press release reads:

"In season two, Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett (Michael Dorman) discovers a hunter murdered in the mountains and realizes this is just one of a series of gruesome murders. To solve the case and catch the killer, Joe must navigate a radical anti-hunting activist, a ghoulish set of twins living off the grid and his own tortured past."

It further states:

"Joe and his wife, Marybeth (Julianna Guill), discover that the murdered men weren't as innocent as they seemed. But when they dig too deep, they are forced to go on the run and fight for their very lives."

Joe Pickett stars Michael Dorman, Julianna Guill, Sharon Lawrence, Paul Sparks, Mustafa Speaks, Skywalker Hughes, Chad Rook, and Aadila Dosani, among others.

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