In Pursuit With John Walsh: What did Jonathan Dorado do and where is he now?

Jonathan Dorado
Gang member Jonathan Dorado reportedly fatally shot Tatyana Lopez in April 2021, killing her and the unborn child in the process (Image via Los Banos Police Department/Facebook, IMDb)

Jonathan Dorado is a fugitive in the 2021 shooting of 19-year-old Tatyana Lopez and her unborn child and the attempted murder of her boyfriend. He was recently apprehended in Tijuana, Mexico.

He was arrested by Mexican authorities on April 12, 2022, after being on the run from law enforcement for over a year.

Since then, Dorado was transferred to the US Marshals in San Diego and is currently detained at the Merced County Jail. He is accused of committing two homicides and three attempted homicides with additional charges for participating in gang activities as a part of the Sureos gang.

On Wednesday, August 31, ID's In Pursuit With John Walsh Season 4 episode 2 will pursue Jonathan Eduardo, an arrested murderer and vicious gang member. The episode, titled Collateral Damage, will air at 9 pm ET and its synopsis states:

"John is in pursuit of suspect Jonathan Dorado, wanted for killing a woman and her unborn child in an act of misplaced gang revenge; Cal hunts for Henry Houston, accused of conning a vulnerable woman and later killing her father in an altercation."

Jonathan Dorado fatally shot an eight-month pregnant woman, Tatyana Lopez

In April 2021, Merced Police Officers arrived at the crime scene where a shooting incident had just taken place. They discovered a pregnant 19-year-old Tatyana Lopez from Los Banos, fatally shot in the stomach.

Both Lopez and her unborn child were declared dead at the scene. Her 20-year-old boyfriend was also shot and sustained life-threatening wounds. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he survived.

Tatyana's family members commented on the shooting and gang-related violence that took her life and her mother, Victoria Hogue, reportedly said:

"He took her from us, he took my granddaughter from us. I was never able to hold my granddaughter."

Her grandmother, Anna Navarro, added:

"We were going to have a baby shower that Saturday and instead we had a candlelight vigil."

The initial lack of cooperation from the individuals involved resulted in the investigation going cold. Finally, a breakthrough allowed detectives to pin the crime on Los Banos resident, 20-year-old Jonathan Dorado. Additionally, it was also established that Lopez was not the primary target of this gang-related attack.

The Merced County District Attorney's Office soon obtained an arrest warrant for Dorado. After receiving multiple leads on Dorado's activities, authorities joined forces with members of the Merced Area Gang and Narcotics Enforcement Team (MAGNET) to try to find him.

How was fugitive Jonathan Dorado arrested?

According to sources, a subsequent investigation assumed that Dorado had left California, at which point local police requested assistance from the U.S. Marshals Service in locating him. Dorado was subsequently discovered hiding in Tijuana, Mexico.

Dorado, now 21, was taken into custody on August 12 by Tijuana police and the U.S. Marshals. He was reportedly handed over to the Marshals and lodged in the San Diego County Jail the same day.

On August 12, officers from the Merced Police Department traveled to San Diego to interview Dorado. The next day, according to authorities, he was taken to the Merced County Jail.

Reports also mentioned that authorities are still looking for any further perpetrators who could have been associated with the shooting of Lopez. They are also investigating whether anyone helped Dorado while he was on the run.

Tatyana's mother, Victoria, stated:

"I look forward to the day I get to face him in court. I look forward to the day I get to look him in the face and let him know what he took from me."

Tune in to In Pursuit With John Walsh on Investigation Discovery this Wednesday to learn more on the on-going murder case filed against Jonathan Dorado.

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