Jordan Fisher wants to play the Human Torch in Marvel's upcoming Fantastic Four movie, and fans are all for it

Could Jordan Fisher be the next Human Torch?
Could Jordan Fisher be the next Human Torch?

Jordan Fisher, of "To All The Boys" fame, recently sent fans into a frenzy after seemingly teasing his involvement in portraying The Human Torch in Marvel's upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

The actor and dancer recently took to Twitter to post a cryptic tweet in which he recounted a recent dream he had. In his dream, Jordan Fisher claimed that he imagined himself filming a scene for a movie, in which he remembered only a single line - "Flame On":

The famous line is sure to ring a bell with fans of Marvel's Fantastic Four, with "Flame On' being the iconic catchphrase of Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch.

IGN soon picked up his tweet, which fuelled rumors about Jordan Fisher's potential casting in the upcoming MCU film.

However, the 26-year old was quick to clarify that as it remains solely his interest as a fanboy. If given a chance, though, it would be "dope":

What's also interesting is that the "Work It" star recently followed Jon Watts, the director slated to helm the upcoming MCU Fantastic Four film, on Twitter.

These developments have added further weightage to the rumors, as fans soon took to Twitter to react to any potential casting of Jordan Fisher as The Human Torch.

Jordan Fisher to star as The Human Torch in Marvel's Fantastic Four? Twitter certainly seems to think so

This is not the first time Jordan Fisher has expressed interest in playing the role of The Human Torch, having spoken about the same in an interview with ET Canada last year.

He threw his hat into the ring to play Johnny Storm and also stated that he would like to see his "To All The Boys" co-stars Noah Centineo and Lana Condor playing Reed Richards and Susan Storm, respectively:

"I would love for Sony and Marvel to all figure things out and for Marvel Disney to actually be able to do Fantastic Four. Really, really do it, for me to play Johnny Storm, for Lana to be Sue, for both of us to be like adopted siblings, and for Noah to be like Reed Richards! Let me flame on and fly around New York City!"

Back in December 2020, Marvel chief Kevin Feige ended the highly anticipated Investor Day presentation with a huge reveal: A brand new Fantastic Four film to be helmed by Spider-Man veteran Jon Watts:

While John Krasinski seems to be the current fan-favorite to play Reed Richards, fans seem to be on board the idea of Jordan Fisher potentially playing The Human Torch:

While the emphasis on revamping the Human Torch character to suit a teenage vibe will appeal to youngsters, Marvel should keep in mind the last Fantastic Four adaptation by Josh Trank, which tanked miserably commercially and critically.

Jordan Fisher has clarified that his rumored casting is solely an interest from his side at the moment.

However, fans continue to remain skeptical as they remain hopeful about him potentially following the footsteps of Chris Evans and Michael B Jordan by stepping into the fiery shoes of Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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