Justin Bieber blacklisted by Ferrari rumors explained as popstar reportedly banned from buying new cars 

Ferrari blacklists Justin Bieber from buying any new cars (Image via Splash News)
Ferrari blacklists Justin Bieber from buying any new cars (Image via Splash News)

Ferrari holds its car owners to incredibly high standards and any violation of its stringent code of ethics and ownership terms could lead to blacklisting.

Justin Bieber is finding this out the hard way after receiving similar treatment from the brand. According to reports by the Milan-based Italian publication Il Giornale, the Canadian pop star has been banned from buying any new cars from the luxury manufacturer. So, why did this punishment befall Bieber?

Ferrari blacklists Justin Bieber from further purchases

Ferrari employs an elaborate and meticulous process to determine which buyers are suitable for their coveted cars, but the screening doesn't end even after the purchase. Owners are expected to display the utmost respect towards their cars and adhere to the luxury car manufacturer's code of ethics.

Bieber's violation of these regulations wasn't a one-off occurrence, but rather a string of repeated offenses. The pop-star's Ferrari 458 Italia F1 Edition, bought in 2011, was his second purchase from the brand. It was originally white, but was customized with a neon-blue wrap, courtesy of West Coast Customs. Bieber also tampered with the sacred Prancing Horse logo for an electric blue look.

The F458 also underwent additional modifications like the attachment of new alloy wheels, custom lug nuts, flared fenders, aftermarket rims, and widebody kits, among others.

Since the brand strictly forbids any type of bodywork modification, tampering with the engine, ludicrous paintwork, or covering of the Prancing Horse badge, it was a reckless decision. If an owner wishes to make these customizations or modifications, they must get them sanctioned by the company first. Moreover, only authorized parties can make the changes. Bieber clearly thwarted these guidelines.

The second instance dates back to 2015 when the singer somehow 'misplaced' his neon blue F458 after a wild night of partying in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. He was reunited with the car many weeks after the incident. Ferrari was understandably miffed at this behavior, stating that it was unbecoming of owners to be so careless about their cars.

On the subject of driving, Bieber has racked up tickets in Miami and Los Angeles for rash driving and not following traffic regulations.

The last straw for Ferrari was Bieber's decision to auction off the car in 2017 without the company's consent, albeit for charity purposes. The automaker has a clause in its ownership contracts that prevents owners from reselling the car within the first year of purchase. Thereafter, owners must seek permission from the brand in case they wish to sell it off.

In light of these repeated violations of their code of ethics and ownership terms, the Italian car manufacturer has made the move to blacklist Justin Bieber from buying any of their cars hereon.

Notably, the 28-year-old is not the only big name to have faced this ban. Bieber joins a list of celebrities who are purportedly barred from purchasing Ferraris for the rest of their lives, that includes fellow Canadian music artist Joel "Deadmau5" Zimmerman, Nicolas Cage, rapper Tyga, Kim Kardashian, 50 Cent and automotive writer Chris Harris.

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