"Keep your as* in Cali": Puerto Ricans warn Logan Paul to stay away, say they will "bully" him until he leaves

Image via Forbes
Image via Forbes
Amitesh Dhar

American YouTuber Logan Paul said he would be moving to Puerto Rico in his latest episode of Impaulsive.

Logan Paul will be one of the many YouTube personalities who have left California because of the high taxes, for places they feel would suit them better. Although it's still not clear when the move will take place, individuals in Puerto Rico weren't quite happy about this possible move of his.


Puerto Ricans promise to bully Logan Paul into leaving their country

One of the primary reasons why Logan Paul is set to leave California is because of the high taxes that the state levies on its citizens. For a few users on the internet, it looked like he was trying to avoid taxes, and they clearly weren't happy about it.

While some individuals weren't happy with his move at all, there were few who questioned what he would be bringing to the table with his move to Puerto Rico.

Some users also took to Twitter to express their displeasure at him moving and said that they would bully him until he left town.

Others chose to threaten him with images of machetes and handguns on Twitter, repeatedly asking him not to move to Puerto Rico.

People resorted to calling him a colonizer after he announced his move to Puerto Rico. The locals aren't happy at all with him moving to the island.

And just like every other issue on the internet, there were people who were happy with the fact that Logan Paul was moving to Puerto Rico as well.

The best part about this was that natives of an entire island came together to express their displeasure over Logan Paul moving to Puerto Rico. From the kind of reactions he's received online, it's clear that people don't want him there.

How it affects him, or if it affects him at all, remains to be seen. As mentioned before, he's not made any comments on when he was planning to move, but it definitely won't be happening too soon, given that he's got a fight lined up against Floyd Mayweather.

Logan Paul is all set to square up against Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition match on the 20th of February. Both these individuals took time to engage in verbal battles before this fight was set up.

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