Kendall Jenner under fire for cultural appropriation in Tequila 818 ad, Twitter slams her as “tone-deaf”

Images from Kendall Jenner's photoshoot for 818 tequila (image via Instagram @kendalljenner)
Images from Kendall Jenner's photoshoot for 818 tequila (image via Instagram @kendalljenner)

Kendall Jenner is in the face of another controversy over her liquor brand 818 Tequila, a promotional campaign conducted for its debut in the US.

The supermodel is being accused of cultural appropriation and being tone deaf for donning traditional Mexican garb for 818 Tequila advertisements. A series of photos and a video promoting the distilled product also showed Kendal working in the field along with agave farmers.

The use of native workers for the liquor brand's promotional campaign has been called out as inconsiderate by many critics.

Some claimed that Kendall Jenner's actions perpetuate stereotyping Mexican culture by wearing it as a costume for a photoshoot commercial.

Critics call for a boycott of Kendall Jenner's 818 Tequila

One particular thread detailed claims that Kendall's tequila brand would hurt small businesses in Jalisco, Mexico, where distilled products are produced.

Critics online are already calling for the liquor brand's boycott and claims that Kendall Jenner is promoting Mexican culture for her own gains. Readers can check out some of the reactions below.

Backlash around 818 Tequila began on February 16, 2021 when Kendall Jenner first announced the launch of her brand. However, some have defended Jenner stating that other celebs such as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, George Clooney, LeBron James, Rande Gerber and Kevin Hart have also launched their own tequila brands and haven't been hit with criticism.

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This isn't the first time the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star has faced backlash for cultural approporation.

Kendall Jenner deactivates comments on social media

In 2017, an ad by Pepsi titled "Jump In" showed Kendall participating in a protest with activists. But instead of protesting, Jenner offered a Pepsi can to a police officer as a peace offering while the protesters cheered on.

The advertisement was immediately pulled after being accused of trivializing the Black Lives Matter movement.

Kendall Jenner is yet to respond to the criticism but following the backlash, the supermodel has deactivated comments on her Instagram posts.

According to TMZ, a source told the outlet that the ad campaigns were created with a focus on highlighting the farmers who are working to produce the product.

Kendall is also reportedly "passionate" about 818 Tequlia and is researching with farmers to put out the best product.


It remains to be seen if Kendall's new venture could attract further bad press from its commercials.

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