Kardashians stalked by 33-yr-old man who was arrested for trespassing to see them

Image of The Kardashians posing for THR magazine cover/Image via The Hollywood Reporter
Image of The Kardashians posing for THR magazine cover/Image via The Hollywood Reporter

The Kardashians had to deal with yet another break-in attempt at their exclusive gated community.

A man was seen strolling inside the neighborhood in the Calabasas area, where the Kardashians are situated. Currently, it’s unclear who among the celebrity sisters were targeted in the incident.

According to TMZ, who gathered details from law enforcement sources, a 33-year-old man approached the gates of the Kardashians’ exclusive community at around 11 PM. Apparently, the man had inquired to meet the fashion reality stars but didn’t mention specifically which celebrity sister he planned to see.

Initially, the man was denied access and made to clear the area by the Kardashians’ security. However, the man managed to get past them by jumping over a wall/fence to make his way inside.

The Kardashians home trespasser was corralled & later arrested by L.A police

Fortunately, the security detail was able to quickly apprehend the man and handed him over to the marshals. The man has been charged with trespassing and is currently in jail at L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

Still of Kendall Jenner/Image via official facebook
Still of Kendall Jenner/Image via official facebook

Earlier in March, Kendall Jenner had a similarly terrifying ordeal after a stranger was arrested for trespassing at her Beverly Hills home.

The incident took place around 2 AM when a man attempted to swim naked in the reality star’s pool. Luckily, the said stranger was also arrested, although he is no longer in the cuffs due to covid-19 protocols.

While the incident certainly wasn’t a one-timer, Jenner recently approached a judge to issue a 5-year restraining order on another man who allegedly planned to shoot and kill her, and himself.

Kendall Jenner has added more numbers to her security personnel since the encounter. The Victoria's Secret model has also moved from her Beverly hills house to an undisclosed location.

There is still no information about which of the sisters the man wanted to meet while attempting to break into The Kardashians crib.

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