King the Land: Release date, plot, cast, trailers and everything to know about Lee Jun-ho's upcoming drama 

Featuring Lee Jun-ho and YoonA( Image via JTBC)
Featuring Lee Jun-ho and YoonA( Image via JTBC)

Highly anticipated comedy romance drama King the Land, starring Lee Jun-ho and Girls Generation YoonA, is set to release in June 2023. The duo has already showcased their chemistry through their couple dance performances on Senorita at the 2021 MBC Gayo Daejejeon.

When the casting news for the aforementioned comedy and romance drama was announced, both K-drama and K-pop fans went into a frenzy and hence, are expecting a solid chemistry between the duo. While Girls Generation' YoonA last appeared in the thriller drama Big Mouth, Lee Jun-ho featured in the hit historical drama The Red Sleeve.

Everything to know about Lee Jun-ho's upcoming drama

Release timings and where to watch

Sixteen-episode rom-com drama King the Land is slated to premiere on June 17, every Saturday and Sunday, at 22:30 KST. The JTBC drama, helmed by the director Im Hyun-wook and penned by the screenwriter Choi Rom, will be available to stream on Netflix and TVING.


According to the mydramalist site, the VVIP business lounge, King of the Land is well known among wealthy hoteliers for its heavenly services. The lounge is part and owned by the King Group which has a huge chain of hotels, distribution, companies, and airline services.

The drama will showcase how Goo Won, heir to the King Group, has been abruptly thrown into the inheritance and how he is going to overcome every crisis. He later meets Cheon Sa-rang, who is a happy soul. The duo then embark on a journey to create memorable and happy moments.


King the Land's main cast includes Lee Jun-ho and Girl's Generation YoonA, who will chronicle the character of Go Won and Cheon Sa-rang respectively.

1) Lee Jun-ho as Go Won

The heir of the King Group Go Won is described as someone who despises people with fake smiles. He has a brilliant mind, is graceful, and has a charm that is enough to captivate others' attention. He has everything but becomes clueless when it comes to dating.

Lee Jun-ho has appeared in several dramas including The Red Sleeve, Wok of Love, Confession, Just Between Lovers, and more.

2) YoonA as Cheon Sa-rang

YoonA is set to chronicle the role of Cheon Sa-rang, an outgoing person who is described as someone who stays optimistic no matter what. She always carries a smile and becomes overwhelmed when she gets the opportunity to work at the King Hotel.

Through her recalled old memories, we get to know that she has stayed as a kid in the aforementioned hotel and thus finds it interesting. Hence, Sa-rang embarks on a journey full of different prejudices at the workplace.

YooNa has also been featured in several dramas including Big Mouth, The K2, Hush, The King in Love, and others.


The JTBC drama King the Land has released three trailers for the drama where they have showcased the cheerful and playful interaction between Lee Jun-ho and YoonA's character. In the trailers, the duo is either seen bickering with each other using cuss words or protecting each other from potential dangers.

Lee Jun-ho's character looks stunning and dashing and is occupied with his look but becomes soft and playful around YoonA's character. The duo is seen getting lost in the trailer where they even click selfies with each other. In the latest trailer, the young conglomerate is seen doing everything to win the female lead's heart doing silly acts with his witty remarks.

K-drama fans are eagerly waiting for Lee Jun-ho and YoonA's bickering and solid chemistry in the upcoming drama King the Land.

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