"Kissing just happens, it's not illegal": Zoe Laverne claims she did not groom 13-year old Connor Joyce

Zoe Laverne invited criticism yet again for her recent comments on Connor Joyce
Zoe Laverne invited criticism yet again for her recent comments on Connor Joyce

Controversial TikTok star Zoe Laverne recently invoked the ire of the online community once again, after she claimed that she did not groom 13-year-old Connor Joyce.

The 19-year-old has been facing backlash online ever since a controversial video of her kissing 13-year-old Connor Joyce went viral last month. From cries of pedophilia doing the rounds to allegations of grooming being leveled against her, Zoe Laverne has been subjected to a persistent wave of backlash of late.

Just as the furor surrounding her questionable relationship with Connor seemed to be showing signs of dying down, it flared up once again when she brushed aside allegations of grooming and claimed that what she did was not illegal.

Over the course of the 2-minute-long clip above, she dismisses allegations of grooming and appears to defend her relationship with Connor.

This did not sit well with the online community, as they called her out once again for her seemingly predatory behavior.

Twitter calls out Zoe Laverne, yet again


Zoe Laverne is a notable name in the TikTok industry who has often been criticized for her controversial ways.

She has previously been in the news for her relationship with fellow TikTok star Cody Orlove, with whom she has collaborated on several videos which range from pranks and tutorials to playing video games.


However, it is her recent relationship with 13-year old Connor Joyce which has propelled her to the trending page, and that too for all the wrong reasons.

Zoe Laverne appeared to stand by her statements as in her recent video where she defended her relationship with Connor.

"Please look up what grooming is and stop calling me that! You guys do genuinely do not know your facts one groomed anyone! You still use that cause I'm Zoey but if it was anyone else , it'd be a different story."
"Kissing just happens, people kiss all the time, it's not illegal...yes he's a minor, 13 and 19 is illegal but the police were already involved. "

However, her attempts at justifying herself ended up backfiring once again, as the internet didn't seem to buy into any of her statements at all.

Check out some of the reactions online, as an incensed online community expressed displeasure over Zoe Laverne's recent comments.

Zoe Laverne seems to find herself teetering on the edge as she continues to attract interest from the cancel culture mob online.

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