'La Brea' Recap: Where exactly does episode 9 lead?

Still from La Brea Season 1 (Image via tvtonightau/Twitter)
Still from La Brea Season 1 (Image via tvtonightau/Twitter)

Last week, La Brea had a fascinating episode with "Origins," where a lot of the previously generated intrigue was addressed. The shocking twist at the end of the episode was enough to throw fans off balance and applaud the writer's brilliance.

The latest episode of La Brea was supposed to take the show in a newer direction, as suggested by the promo for episode 9 aired last week. However, in a not-so-good way, the episode offered very little. This episode had high expectations as it was the one just before the finale. Little did it live up to that.

The previous episodes of the season, i.e., episode 6, episode 7 and episode 8, really thickened the plot and added many layers of mysteries that were supposed to dissolve slowly, leading to a climactic finale. But with one episode remaining, it is doubtful if anything like that will happen.

At first I liked the new show La Brea. Now it’s starting to seem so random…

'La Brea' pre-finale: Going in a different direction

The plot of episode 9, titled "Father and Son", has little plotline to talk about. The major thing teased before and now in the series is that "time travel" is now officially a part of the storyline.

The episode of La Brea begins with Eve Harris (Natalie Zea) realizing she has to take young Gavin/ Isiah to the top of the Topanga mountain before a specific time. Here, a portal will open for 1988, through which Isiah will have to go, or else Gavin (Eoin Macken) and Eve's Kids will disappear.

The process takes up most of the episode as the tale spins into a back-to-the-future-esque turn. The other important thing that happened on the ground above is the identity of Ella, who is revealed to be Lilly (Chloe De Los Santos) after Gavin pursues the truth on the surface with the help of his daughter.

Some crises are being introduced on their way up, with Levi and Josh being taken hostage by Silas (Mark Lee) and offered for trade (in place of Isiah?). Eve convinces Isiah to go up the mountain alone as she finds a way to deal with Silas and his spear-wielding men.

Some questions remain unanswered

Some doubts remain unclear ahead of the final episode, like, how are people stuck in the sinkhole planning to get out in 1988 without making a space-time paradox? Especially for people who weren't even born then. If that does not affect the timeline, how will Isiah not reaching out on time affect Gavin's kids?

La Brea 1x10 Promo "Topanga" (HD) Season Finale…

The plot of La Brea has become complicated by now, and there seems to be little explanation. We hope that the next episode, whose promo was released today, will answer at least some of it before fans have to wait till season 2 to get answers.

Edited by Rupak Kumar Jha
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