LEGO 'Home Alone' house: Release date, where to buy, price, and all about the 3,955 piece set 

LEGO Ideas Home Alone (Image via The LEGO Group)
LEGO Ideas Home Alone (Image via The LEGO Group)

After recently launching a colossal Titanic LEGO piece set, the Danish toy firm is ready to launch a set of the Home Alone house. The 3,955 piece set is a detailed recreation of Kevin McCallister's suburban home from the iconic Home Alone movie.

The set is a part of the LEGO Ideas platform, enabling fans to submit their ideas for product sets for which they receive up to 1% of the royalties. 28-year-old Ukraine native, Alex Storozhuk, pitched the idea for the McCallister house. While the set pieces were designed by Antica Bracanov and Enrique Belmonte Beixer.

LEGO Home Alone house is the most massive set to come out of the Ideas platform to date. The set will also come with five mini-figures, a treehouse, and the iconic burglar's van, amongst other included items.

When will the LEGO 'Home Alone' house set be available?


LEGO Home Alone house set's release date is slated for November 1. It will be available at LEGO's official online store and local retailers. The Lego Ideas Home Alone will cost €249.99 in Europe, while in US stores it will cost $249.99, and in the UK, the set's price is £249.99.

LEGO's official site offers free shipping, and expedited shipping for the product is available for an extra charge.

Moreover, buyers can return the purchase 90 days after the purchase. However, the box has to remain unopened.

Features of the set

According to LEGO's description,

"The LEGO Ideas Home Alone set is instantly recognisable, perfectly capturing the grand McCallister family home, and is also packed with features that tell the story of Kevin's holiday antics."

What does the model set come with?

LEGO Ideas Home Alone (Image via The LEGO Group)
LEGO Ideas Home Alone (Image via The LEGO Group)

Both the exterior and the interior are based on the original house from the movie. The set includes two floors of the house, including the ground floor and first floor. Furthermore, the Home Alone house LEGO comes with a kitchen, basement, and attic, true to the movie version.

As mentioned in the press release, the set also has,

"A new opening mechanism opens up the house for full enjoyment; the walls separate in the middle to open sideways and fully reveal the interior, while the roof also opens upwards."

The LEGO model also comes with mini-figures of the main characters of the 1990 movie. These characters include Kevin, the burglars Harry and Marv, the old man Marley, and Kevin's mother Kate. Furthermore, it also consists of the burglar's van and a treehouse with a zipline.

Edited by Siddharth Satish