Lego Thor's Hammer: Release date, price, where to buy, and all about the 979 piece take on Mjölnir

Lego's MCU Mjölnir model available for pre-order (Image via Lego Group)
Lego's MCU Mjölnir model available for pre-order (Image via Lego Group)

Lego is back with another Marvel set-piece after last year's Infinity Gauntlet, which was released last June. The firm launched a 979 piece set of Thor's Hammer (aka Mjölnir), to "Celebrate Marvel Studios' Infinity Saga."

Thor's Hammer (76209) set from their Marvel line is targeted towards adults who are build-and-display model enthusiasts. On the product's description page, the toymaker said,

"A lasting reminder of an epic saga - Marvel enthusiasts will recognize this authentic recreation as Mjölnir, the magical weapon used to devastating effect by Thor throughout Marvel Studios' 23-movie Infinity Saga."
The $99 price tag for “Thor’s Hammer” made me gasp, but at 18 X 11.6inches… plus the additional build and secret compartment… Preeeetty good! #LEGO

The near-life-size model is currently available for pre-order on their official site and will also exclusively retail at Target stores.

When will the Lego Thor's Hammer set be released?

The opening compartment with three miniature figures (Image via The Lego Company)
The opening compartment with three miniature figures (Image via The Lego Company)

Pre-orders for the Mjölnir set began on February 1 and are currently limited to two units per customer. As per the firm's official online store, the set will ship from March 1. It is expected that Target will retail the product around the same time.

Thor's Hammer (76209) will be available for $99.99 with free shipping. As per both stores, the item can be returned within 90 days with a receipt to avail a complete refund if the package is unopened. In the United Kingdom, it will cost £104.99, while in Europe, the set will be retailed at €119.99.

Features of the set


The set comes with 979 pieces and will be around 18-inches high with the included stand. As per the dimensions in the official site, the Mjölnir will be 11.6-inches wide. The stand incorporates a crystal and stone-like appearance with the Lego pieces. It includes a display plate, which reads: "THE INFINITY SAGA, MJÖLNIR," along with the brand logos.

The top front of the hammer has an opening compartment that houses three miniature model sets, including the Infinity Gauntlet, Tesseract, and Odin's Fire. These models can be placed on the main stand plate of the model or can stand together on a separate tile.The Thor Hammer set also comes with a miniature model of the "God of Thunder" himself.

According to the promotional pictures of the product, the mini Thor model has his own little Mjölnir and comes with his Asgardian armor design from MCU's Phase-1 movies. Currently, the building difficulty of the set is unknown, as the building instructions are not available yet. It is expected to be updated on their site in mid to late February.

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