Lexi and Hayden TikTok drama explored as Reddit snark page goes viral

TikTok users Lexi and Hayden blasted on Reddit page (Image via r/Lexi_and_HaydenSnark/Reddit)
TikTok users Lexi and Hayden blasted on Reddit page (Image via r/Lexi_and_HaydenSnark/Reddit)

TikTok couple Lexi and Hayden have never made headlines for their content. However, their recent escapades have brought them into the limelight. Fans used to adore and be fascinated by the couple. However, now a Reddit “snark” page against them has become a fan favorite.

For those unversed, Lexi and Hayden have over 136,000 followers on TikTok. The couple live in a camper in Oklahoma. Their unique lifestyle sparks keen interest among followers.

In the past, Lexi and Hayden have explained that they work the night shift. Hayden works until 5 a.m., while Lexi works until 7 am. Other facts about the couple that fans would know include that they share a dog named Alex, Lexi loves to sing and Hayden frequently plays video games.

Although their exact ages remain unknown, sources suggest that they are between the ages of 19 and 23.


Lexi and Hayden blasted on Reddit

Popular Reddit page r/Lexi_and_HaydenSnark Lounge has amassed a massive number of Redditors who share their animosity towards Lexi and Hayden. Most recently, Lexi amassed hate on TikTok after lying about Hayden’s cousin @haleywertman21. It seems like matters got serious after Lexi seemingly physically assaulted Hayley.

The same was confirmed by Reddit user u/Pine_apple-bra, who claimed to be Hayley. Speaking about the altercation, she wrote in the community:

“In case you guys want some tea. I got assaulted tonight by Lexi for confronting her!”

According to u/adefranciaa who took part in the page r/tiktokgossip, Lexi revealed in a TikTok video that she and Hayden were kicked out of the residence they were initially living in by Hayley. This resulted in Hayley speaking her side of the story and her leaving comments under a “snark video” about Lexi.

Since then, Lexi has claimed that Hayley “ruined her life.” After Hayley confronted Lexi about the matter, the duo got into a physical fight. Videos of the same have been posted on TikTok as well. Lexi can be seen being the initial aggressor.

This is not the only time Lexi from the Lexi and Hayden pair has amassed backlash. Sources claim that the TikToker spews lies to her followers frequently. Lexi has often spoken about her financial struggles on her profile. However, a Reddit user noted that she was seen wearing an Apple watch in one of her videos. Reddit user u/Western_Question_433 wrote online:

“For someone sooo broke, she’s wearing an Apple Watch.. I’ve never seen her wear it in her videos? Why does she need an Apple Watch anyways it’s not like she ever leaves that camper”

In the past, Lexi and Hayden have confessed to not being able to afford basic amenities. Meanwhile, they have bought a $200 gaming monitor.

Reddit user u/adefranciaa has also expanded on the lying accusations against Lexi. The Reddit user claimed that Lexi has lied to her followers about her childhood in the past. The Reddit user added:

“She dry begs, they live in a pig stye, she’s bullied ppl from highschool and they came forward about it. It’s a total train wreck.”

At the time of writing this article, neither Lexi nor Hayden had responded to the accusations against them.

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