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Lil Nas X slammed by Justin Bieber fans for using him to promote "Montero (Call me by your name)"

Lil Nas X and Justin Bieber (Image via Twitter)
Lil Nas X and Justin Bieber (Image via Twitter)
Modified 30 Mar 2021

Lil Nas X has invited the ire of Justin Bieber fans after 'using' him to promote his song, Montero (Call me by your name).

Lil Nas X had tweeted out a collection of images taken from Justin Bieber. They were all about getting one of the latter's songs to number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

Each one was a different set of directions, such as streaming the song on Spotify, making a playlist, or even running the song on repeat while fans were asleep.

Instead of simply tweeting out the same images, though, Lil Nas X added his usual flair. He pasted a photo of his face over Justin Bieber's where needed and blocked any mentions of the latter to instead say Nas or Lil Nas X.

Per usual, the Georgia native intentionally made it look bad for the memes that he expected on his social media accounts.

However, Justin Bieber fans were not happy with Lil Nas X using the Canadian superstar in his tweets. They believed that the 21-year-old was using Bieber for clout to get his song higher on the charts.

Reactions to Lil Nas X after he used a Justin Bieber promotion image


Many reactions from Justin Bieber fans on Twitter, aimed at Lil Nas X, accused him of needing clout. Netizens felt that without using the success of their favorite singer, Montero would go nowhere on the charts.


Some took the tweet personally, even though it was clear that the images were simply for the fun of it in the usual Lil Nas X style. Nas even mentioned in a follow-up tweet that he has nothing but love for Justin Bieber:

"i love Justin, this ain't hate. it's promo baby."

Though those words are likely the case, Lil Nas X's song hasn't been in much need of promotion or media coverage after the latest music video for Montero dropped.


Fans have been split on both sides, supporting the creative side or condemning the video's themes and seemingly adult rating.

After realizing that many Justin Bieber fans were angered by his use in a tweet, Lil Nas X tweeted an "apology."

As expected, it was another troll attempt where he said:

"i realized i may have went too far with that last post. i apologize to all justin bieber fans."

In that tweet, he also linked his song.

Published 30 Mar 2021, 09:08 IST
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