Living with a Serial Killer: Where is Crossbow Cannibal Stephen Griffiths now and what are the names of his victims?

Living with a Serial Killer: Stephen Griffiths (Image via Oxygen)
Living with a Serial Killer: Stephen Griffiths (Image via Oxygen)

Oxygen's Living with a Serial Killer has returned for a second season and is set to release its second episode on Saturday, July 16, 2022 at 9 PM ET/PT. The NBCUniversal television channel is known for its gripping true-crime shows.

Produced by Transistor Films and executive-produced by Ned Parker and Danny Tripping, Living with a Serial Killer is a docuseries that features the people closest to the killers sharing their devastation after finding out that the person they loved turned out to be a vicious murderer.

The upcoming episode of the true-crime docuseries will focus on Stephen Griffiths, aka Crossbow Cannibal, whose crimes will make viewers' blood run cold. Tonight's episode of Living with a Serial Killer will feature his ex-girlfriend revealing the mental and physical abuse she had to endure at the hands of the heinous killer.

Living with a Serial Killer Season 2, Episode 2: Stephen Griffiths

Hailing from Dewsbury, West Riding, in Yorkshire, Stephen Griffiths was born on December 24, 1969. He was the eldest child of Moira Dewhirst and Stephen Griffiths Sr.

He seemed like a studious guy with an average life from the outside, but he was a violent, psychopathic killer in reality.

By 2010, Griffiths became known as one of the most heinous killers in the UK after he murdered and fed on three women. He called himself the Crossbow Cannibal, a moniker that stemmed from his weapon of choice being a crossbow and his modus operandi including cannibalizing his victims.

Griffiths' preoccupation with violence and murder came to light when he was imprisoned at the age of 17 for attacking a supermarket manager with a knife. He was diagnosed in prison as a violent psychopath. He admitted to his psychiatrist that he always wanted to be a serial killer and idolized the Yorkshire Ripper, who had killed 13 women in England between 1975 and 1980.

Living with a Serial Killer: Who were his victims?

Griffiths is described by his ex-girlfriends as abusive and scary. His murder victims were either s*x workers or drug addicts he picked up from the streets. He lured them back to his apartment with the promise of drugs or money before shooting them with his crossbow and dismembering their bodies.

His first victim was a 43-year-old s*x worker named Susan Rushworth. She disappeared in June 2009 after getting off a bus in Bradford. Her remains were never found, and Griffiths has not revealed the location of her body till date.

Griffiths' second victim, Shelley Armitage, was also a s*x worker. The 31-year-old woman was killed in the same manner as Rushworth just months later. He made a video of himself on his phone as he butchered her body and narrated his actions. Reportedly, he carried her body parts in bin bags in a public transport to dispose of them in the River Aire.

In 2010, Griffiths held 36-year-old Suzanne Blamires in his apartment for two days and shot her with his crossbow when she tried to run. He dragged her body back to his apartment, and dismembered the body and disposed of the parts yet again.

During police interviews, Griffiths candidly told the officers that he had eaten parts of his victims' bodies, admitting that he "didn't have much time for the human race," as reported by The Mirror.

Living with a Serial Killer: Stephen Griffiths: Where is he now?

On May 24, 2010, Griffiths was caught in the act of shooting his third victim on a CCTV camera installed in the building where he lived. In a chilling action, he flicked his middle finger at the camera, appearing totally remorseless.

A shocked caretaker saw the footage and alerted the police who found Griffiths waiting calmly in his apartment to get arrested. Upon his arrest, he told the officers that he had "killed loads" of women. However, his claim was never substantiated.

On December 21, 2010, he pleaded guilty and was convicted of all three murders. He was sentenced to life in prison by Judge Openshaw. While in prison, he made several attempts to kill himself, including going on a two-month long hunger strike, choking himself, and slashing his wrists.

In 2019, he was attacked by a fellow inmate at HMP Long Martin, Worcestershire. He suffered large puncture wounds to his chest from a sharpened piece of wood. He was rushed to a hospital and managed to survive the attack.

Watch Living with a Serial Killer Season 2 Episode 2 tonight.

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