Love, Fashion, Repeat cast list: Victor Zinck Jr, Cristina Rosato, and others star in UPtv film

Love, Fashion, Repeat on UP TV (Image via UPtv)
Love, Fashion, Repeat on UP TV (Image via UPtv)

UPtv's new romantic drama Love, Fashion, Repeat is set to premiere on the platform on Sunday, July 17, 2022. The film tells the story of a woman who returns to her hometown and unexpectedly finds love.

The movie was earlier released in Italy on May 20, 2022. The film stars Cristina Rosato and Victor Zinck Jr. in the lead roles, along with numerous others in pivotal supporting roles. Read further ahead to find out more details about the cast of the film.

UPtv's Love, Fashion, Repeat cast list: Cristina Rosato and others star in the romantic drama

1) Cristina Rosato as Lisa Holt

Cristina Rosato stars in the lead role as Lisa Holt, a woman who returns to her hometown and meets a charming writer. As an actress, Rosato has appeared in a number of films and shows over the years, including Trauma, Rookie Blue, The Art of Moore, and many more.

In a preview of the film shared by UPtv, Rosato looks perfectly cast in the lead role, and viewers can expect a charming performance from the highly talented actress.

2) Victor Zinck Jr. as Colin Davenport

Victor Zinck Jr. portrays the character of Colin Davenport in the film. Colin is a noted writer who happens to meet Lisa at a book club. Victor effortlessly eases into his character (based on the film's preview released by UPtv), and his onscreen chemistry with Rosato is one of the highlights of the film.

Victor is best known for his work on Love on the Sidelines, Motive, and The 100.

3) Paul Almeida as Dave Shastakovich

Paul Almeida plays the role of Dave Shastakovich in Love, Fashion, Repeat. As an actor, Almeida is best known for his work on The Attraction Test and The Night Agent.

Apart from the aforementioned actors, the film stars several others in important supporting roles, including:

  • Michelle Addison as Christine Learner
  • Sarah Giles as Kira Davenport
  • Jessica Garcie as Felicity
  • Ashley Ross as Meena Shastakovich
  • Klarc Jerome Wilson as Jean-Marc

The film is helmed by Ken Friss from a script penned by Jason Delaney.

A quick look at Love, Fashion, Repeat plot


Love, Fashion, Repeat focuses on a charming, ambitious woman who unexpectedly finds love when she returns to her hometown. The official synopsis of the film on UPtv reads:

''When Lisa returns to her hometown to seek inspiration for her new fashion line, meeting a handsome writer is the last thing she expects. Will she make time for love?''

On July 13, 2022, UPtv dropped a preview of the film, which shows the central character, Lisa, stumbling across a book by an author named Colin Davenport outside a book club. Colin then walks out of the book club and talks to Lisa, who mocks the book in her hand without realizing he's the author of the book.

After he introduces himself as Colin, Lisa is visibly embarrassed. The two actors seem quite impressive in the trailer, and viewers can expect a charming, lighthearted romantic drama.

Don't miss Love, Fashion, Repeat on UPtv on Sunday, July 17, 2022.

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