Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 preview: Will Lucifer be the next god after "Dad"/God retires?

Lucifer Season 5B has many fans pumped up (Image via Netflix)
Lucifer Season 5B has many fans pumped up (Image via Netflix)

Lucifer is a show that blends many sub-genres to create a masterpiece. It takes the fantasy and superhero genre and mixes them with comedy and drama. It's been almost a year since fans caught a glimpse of Lucifer in its Season 5 Part 1.

The show ended on a cliffhanger, leaving fans demanding more. In the final moments of Lucifer Season 5, Part 1, Maze joined hands with Michael to fight Lucifer. It was one of the most shocking incidents of the show, but the fight was unexpectedly stopped when "Dad"/ God made his entry.

The official trailer for Part 2 of Lucifer Season 5 dropped on April 30th, 2020. As expected, it featured scenes of God bonding with his children. Many other revelations were made in the trailer, including a clash between Lucifer and Michael. This article dives into the details and speculations about the next part of Lucifer Season 5.

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What to expect from Lucifer Season 5B

God is retiring

Despite all the family bonding that was shown, mid-way through the trailer, the "Dad"/God is shown having some visible problems, and he considers retiring from the job of God. So, there is a strong chance that God may retire.

However, nothing can be said with certainty about this part of the trailer as the retirement might not take place.

The devil can become the God

If God retires in Lucifer Season 5 Part 2, it makes room for the main character to claim the place of God. There is a good chance Lucifer will be crowned as God, but it may heighten his issues with Michael, which was also shown in the trailer. It will be quite a sight to see the ruler of hell become God.

The clash between Lucifer and Michael

Ever since Michael made his way to the series in Season 5A, there have been constant clashes between him and Lucifer.

Even when God decides to retire, Michael tries to gain the support of others to be crowned as the next God while clashing with Lucifer. Judging by the trailer, it is almost certain that the finale will feature an epic fight between the two.


In previous weeks, the cast has revealed during promotions that the second part will feature some heartbreaking moments. If that's true, it will be tough for fans to watch the series as these heartbreaking moments will directly set the foundation for Lucifer's final season, which is dropping next year.

Whether this speculation is true or not, fans will have to wait a little longer until the series drops on Netflix on May 28th, 2021.

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Fan reactions

The reaction from fans was quite positive as viewers have been waiting for the release of the show for over a year.

Here are some of the reactions from fans on Twitter:

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