"Makes no sense": Married to Medicine fans condemn Contessa for wanting to be in Heavenly's show despite her feud 

Contessa (Image via Instagram/@drcontessa)
Contessa (Image via Instagram/@drcontessa)

Bravo's Married to Medicine returned for an all-new episode on Sunday night, and it was nothing short of dramatic. While Heavenly prepares for her store's fashion show, Contessa is upset because she wasn't asked to participate. This reaction from Contessa comes after she shared that she didn't want to talk to Heavenly.

Many fans took to Twitter to share their reaction to Contessa's interpretation of all that happened. A fan shared:

"Contessa being upset about not walking in Heavenly's show makes no sense, they don't get along or talk."
Contessa being upset about not walking in Heavenly's show makes no sense, they don't get along or talk.#married2med

Heavenly and Contessa have an ongoing feud and aren't on good terms. So much so, the Married to Medicine star never invited her co-star to walk in her fashion show. When Contessa heard the news that she was not part of Heavenly's event, she decided to confront her.

Contessa asked Heavenly if only her friends were modelling for her. Heavenly quickly responded, stating that the ladies she regularly spoke with asked her if they could be a part of it, and she agreed.

During her confessional, Heavenly shared that she wasn't even sure if Contessa would turn up for her event, which was why she didn't want to put pressure on her to be a part of the show. She added that they weren't really speaking, so it wouldn't have made sense either way.

But Contessa wasn't pleased and shared that she was all up in her feelings. Fans who watched the episode took to social media to slam the Married to Medicine star.

Fans criticise Contessa for wanting to walk in Heavenly's show but refusing to speak to her in Married to Medicine

Taking to Twitter, fans shared that they didn't understand why Contessa was mad at Heavenly. Some also added that the Married to Medicine star shouldn't have expected to be asked to walk the show, when she didn't want to talk to her co-star.

And I need Contessa to make up her mind. You didn’t want to talk last week but now this week you want to be in the hair show when y’all not talking? Make it make sense and quit blaming Heavenly for the tea you spilt yourself. #married2med
Contessa finds out she won’t be walking in Heavenly’s show, and confronts her. #Married2Med
If we “beefing” why would I put you in my fashion show ? Come on Contessa. Make it make sense girl 🤦🏽‍♀️#married2med
Make it make sense! Either you’re mad at Dr. Heavenly or you want to be a part of the hair fashion show? Pic one ☝🏾 #married2med #CONTESSA #heavenly #thestruggle
Contessa being upset about not walking in Heavenly's show makes no sense, they don't get along or talk.#married2med
Contessa.... Girl yuh doing the most you wasn't even talking to her to get invited in the hair show #married2med
Now Contessa y’all ain’t spoke why would you expect to be in the fashion show #married2med
Contessa please. Why are you upset that you’re not walking in the show??? Y’all not cool remember?? #married2med #marriedtomedicine
Now why would you expect Heavenly to ask you to model and y’all haven’t spoken In months according to you… make it make sense it seems like you’re trying to find reasons Contessa #married2med

More information on what happened this week in Married to Medicine Episode 2

Apart from Contessa and Heavenly's drama, Anila had her share of surprises too. After she and her husband returned home from work, their nanny, Mrs. Gomez, broke the news to the couple that she would be leaving them. When Anila thought that she would be going out for just a few days, Mrs. Gomez revealed that she was leaving for good and not coming back.

The runway never looked so HEAVENLY🔥 An all-new #Married2Med slays tonight 9/8c! 📟

When the couple asked Mrs. Gomez why, she revealed that she had a home back in Houston and wanted to be back with her family and spend time with grandchildren. Anila was shocked and shared that she didn't know if she would find another nanny who understood her children as well as Mrs. Gomez.

During her confessional, she shared that she felt blindsided. She asked Mrs.Gomez if there was anything she could do to make her stay, but sadly, Mrs. Gomez shared that there was nothing that could be done.

Meanwhile, Simone and Cecil revealed that they were writing a book on their relationship. They shared that it would talk about their marriage and how they were almost on the brink of a divorce but managed to work things out. They shared that it wouldn't be like a "syrupy" book, but a real one with real information.

Married to Medicine airs every Sunday night at 9 pm ET only on Bravo.

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