Married to Medicine fans divided as Simone and Cecil reveal they are writing a book in Episode 2

Simone and Cecil (Image via Instagram/@drsswhit)
Simone and Cecil (Image via Instagram/@drsswhit)

Married to Medicine returned to Bravo for an all-new episode on Sunday night. The episode saw Simone and Cecil sharing some interesting news with their son and the viewers of the show.

After almost getting divorced, and finally deciding to give their marriage another chance, the couple revealed that they were now writing a couples book.

I can see a book from Simone and Cecil. They definitely had moments that they pushed through that we’ve seen play out on tv. So imagine the lessons they have from before and with what wasn’t shown. #M2M #Married2Medicine #Married2Med #MarriedToMedicine

Episode 2 of Married to Medicine, titled The Beauty Shop, saw Cecil and Simone meeting Miles and his girlfriend for dinner, where Simone broke the news about their book. She said that they were going to write about the timeline of their own marriage, how they met in college, their marital issues, and how they were able to reconcile and stay together.

During her confessional, Simone shared:

"Lordy, do Cecil and I have a story to tell."

Cecil said that they were trying to go all the way to the top with their book, adding that he wanted to be on Red Table Talk with Will Smith and Jada. He also said that that they would be on Oprah and that he could see it.

Opening up more about their book, The Married to Medicine star shared that it wasn't going to be a syrupy book where they shared about how great everything was. Instead, it was going to be a real book, about real stuff that works.

Fans who watched Simone and Cecil open up about their book were left split over the news.

Mixed reactions among netizens after Simone and Cecil reveal they are writing a book in Married to Medicine, Episode 2

Taking to Twitter, while some fans claimed that they couldn't wait to read the couple's book, others seemed to be of the opinion that the two shouldn't be writing a book.

@DrSSWhitmore and @CecilCWhitmore are the coolest and most down to earth couple on Reality TV!❤️You're always so much fun to watch. The book is an excellent idea! Much success to you both! #married2med
Miles is all grown up and got it together. He turned into a great man. Yesss, Dr. Simone. Great job 👏🏽 Can’t wait for the book. #married2med
Will Simone be able to revisit the past in order to write this “book” ? #Married2Med
Simone and Cecil’s relationship has really been through it, but I’m not sure that means they should be writing a couples book. #Married2Med
I don’t think they should be writing a book on marriage just my opinion lol #married2med
Everybody can’t just write a book just cause they been married for a min, especially when we watched your mess on tv #married2med
The same Simone that didn’t fight for the marriage and her cast mates had to force her to give her husband and 2nd chance is writing a relationship advice book ?!?!? #married2med
Multiple people had to tell Cecil to stop talking to his emotional mistress 😭😭 he shouldn't be writing a LETTER in this book #married2med

What else happened in this week's episode of Married to Medicine?

Apart from opening up about their book, Simone revealed that her son's relationship with his girlfriend Andrea was the longest relationship he had been in. Cecil added that Andrea was good for Miles, and that during Father's Day, when his son didn't gift him anything, Andrea had made him a handmade card to wish him.

Meanwhile, Anila's nanny had some news to share with the couple. At the end of the day, when Anila and her husband returned home after work, Gomez prepared a nice dinner for them. Then she shared that she was heading back to Houston to spend more time with her family and grandchildren. Anila was taken aback and revealed that she felt blindsided by the news.

Kiran and Anila are really over here like:We have to manage the kids, full time????#married2med #marriedtomedicine

On the other hand, Quad gets accustomed to the new lifestyle with her mother and nephew. She shared that even though Mason wore her thin at times, she loved him.

Heavenly and Contessa haven't reconciled yet.

Married to Medicine airs every Sunday night at 9 pm ET only on Bravo. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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