"This is embarrassing": Fans troll Contessa for wearing Egyptian costume to Anila's party in Married to Medicine

Contessa (Image via Instagram/@drcontessa)
Contessa (Image via Instagram/@drcontessa)

Married to Medicine aired its season 9 premiere episode on Sunday night. Titled Bless This Mess, the episode showed Anila and Kiran finally moving into their new home after several years of construction. To celebrate, they hosted a housewarming party and invited the other cast members.

Episode 1 of Married to Medicine showcased Anila and her husband hosting their housewarming party on Diwali, making it a two-in-one celebration. While everyone came dressed in traditional attire, it seemed like Contessa didn't understand the memo as she went in a different attire that left Anila shocked.

How does Dr Contessa always manage to miss the assignment? She came to Diwali as Party City Cleopatra. This is embarrassing. #MarriedToMedicine #Married2Medicine #MarriedToMed

Everyone arrived on time for the party and were mingling. But Contessa and her husband arrived late. Although the Married to Medicine star's husband got the memo and dressed in traditional attire, Contessa arrived looking like she had come from Egypt.

Contessa is probably the worst dressed Bravolebrity. Every season her wardrobe is a complete disappointment. #MarriedToMedicine #Married2Med

Anila, during her confessional, trolled Contessa after the latter arrived dressed in an Egyptian costume, claiming she looked like she had bought her costume from party city. But that wasn't all. Fans who watched the episode also took to social media to troll Contessa for not dressing appropriately.

Fans troll Contessa for missing the assignment for Anila's party in Married to Medicine episode 1, season 9

Taking to Twitter, fans shared that Contessa missed the assignment. Some also questioned what the Married to Medicine star was wearing. A few fans shared that they were shocked that she decided to wear an Egyptian costume to a Diwali celebration.

Wtf Contessa got on at Anila’s Diwali lollllll #MarriedToMedicine
Contessa looks ridiculous 🤦🏽‍♀️ #MarriedToMedicine
Contessa… baby what do you have on??? #MarriedToMedicine #Married2Med
Now wtf Contessa got on #MarriedToMedicine
I don’t think it’s Contessa’s tacky style that’s got her at an Indian celebration dressed like Cleopatra. I really think she’s UNCULTURED! You can very well be book smart and CLUELESS at the same time. Contessa gives Elle Woods vibes. #MarriedToMedicine #MarriedToMed
Wtf Contessa got on at Anila’s party 💀 #MarriedToMedicine
Contessa wore a Cleopatra costume to the Diwali celebration? #MarriedToMedicine #Married2Medicine
Why would Contessa wear that cheap costume to the party? A simple cocktail dress would’ve been fine. It’s always something off with her. Maybe it was to divert the conversation from her marriage? #MarriedToMedicine
Why would Contessa wear that cheap costume to the party? A simple cocktail dress would’ve been fine. It’s always something off with her. Maybe it was to divert the conversation from her marriage? #MarriedToMedicine
Contessa…. Girl WTF are you wearing?!?! #MarriedToMedicine
Contessa, how hard is it to find a sari? Costume is from a totally different country..#MarriedToMedicine
Literally everybody else: dressed in traditional garb for DawaliContessa: rolls up wearing a cheap ass Egyptian costume#MarriedToMedicine contessa #tacky #embarrassing
#MarriedToMedicine Contessa, Egyptian for Diwali? 🙆🏽‍♀️Wrong event and continent boo!🤷🏽‍♀️

More details on what happened this week in Married to Medicine on episode 1, season 9

Kiran and Anila's new home cost them a whopping $2.5 million. Their estimated budget at the start was $1.5 million. Anila shared that even though her husband might've been unhappy about her crossing the budget, he is satisfied that his wife and kids have a beautiful home.

Though Anila's new home looked fabulous, she shared that this would not be her forever home and that eventually, in the future, she would build a better home. But the revelation that stood out for fans was about the Married to Medicine star's furniture. While giving a tour of her home, she revealed that she furnished her entire house for free.

She opened up and shared that through blogging and being an influencer, she was able to furnish her house with around $500,000 worth of furniture for free. Meanwhile, Toya and her husband sold their old home and moved to a rental home down the street. Toya shared that she doesn't regret moving out of her old dream home because, unlike their rental home, it doesn't have a lift or a tennis court.

Toya shared that they have bought a new plot and will be building their new dream house and plan to move in by 2023. Heavenly opened her beauty store, known as 'Heavenly Beauty.' Unfortunately, her friendship with Contessa was still on the rocks.

As for Quad, she recently bought a new home and moved into it with her nephew and mother. Quad's brother passed away at the age of 34 after having complications with his heart.

Married to Medicine airs every Sunday at 9 pm ET only on Bravo. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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