"Oh wow! That's impressive!": Fans impressed after Anila revealed she furnished her new home for free in Married to Medicine

Anila (Image via Instagram/@anilasajja)
Anila (Image via Instagram/@anilasajja)

Married to Medicine returned to Bravo on Sunday night with the premiere episode of Season 9. Anila and Kiran finally moved into their new home and hosted their housewarming party on Diwali, making it a two-in-one celebration. Other cast members were also invited and everyone came dressed in traditional attire to celebrate with the couple.

Episode 1 of Married to Medicine, titled Bless This Mess, showcased Anila and Kiran hosting their first party at home. While Kiran was a little upset that they went overboard with the budget while building their home, he was happy that his wife and kids had a home they loved. What stood out for fans was Anila's surprising revelation while she was giving the other ladies a tour of her house.

Anila showed the ladies around the house, including her bedroom and other rooms. But what surprised everyone was when she revealed that she had furnished her entire house with furniture worth roughly $500,000 that she had gotten for free. Many fans expressed their shock at this revelation. A fan took to Twitter and wrote:

"Oh wow! That's impressive Anila!"
Oh wow! That’s impressive Anila! #MarriedToMedicine

When asked how she managed to do it, the Married to Medicine star shared that she got the furniture through influencing and blogging.

Fans who watched the episode were impressed and took to social media to share their thoughts on Anila's skills.

Fans laud Anila for her influencing skills in Married to Medicine Season 9, Episode 1

Fans expressed on Twitter that Anila is the type of blogger that everyone should be. In addition, some people asked her to share some of the tips with them. Fans also conveyed their admiration for her.

That’s impressive as f***. Anila furnished an over $2 million dollar 14,000 sqft home with free expensive furniture @AnilaSajja #MarriedToMedicine #Married2Medicine #MarriedToMed #Married2Med
$500,000 worth of furniture?? IKTR Anila! No wonder she was on Lisa Nicole’s head about paying that invoice! Sis said my influencing gigs pay real coins! #MarriedToMedicine #Married2Med
Anila was able to get almost all her furniture for free while Toya is still umm finding happiness through spending money on newly built houses every few years. Ok. Anila win hands down. #married2med #MarriedToMed #MarriedToMedicine
Now wait a minute Anila u said how much for free 😳😳 looks like your girl is changing her career soon #marriedtomedicine
That is the kind of influencer you gotta be! Get all the free merch! Yas, Anila!#MarriedToMedicine
Damn Anila. All the furniture free!#MarriedToMedicine
Anila help me get some free shit I'm about to build my house #MarriedToMedicine
$500K worth of furniture for FREE!!! Anila is the GOAT for that!!! 🔥🔥🔥 #MarriedToMedicine
Anila needs to teach me how to blog cuz BISSSHHHH! #marriedtomedicine

More details on what happened this week in Married to Medicine, Episode 1 Season 9

Anila and Kiran's new mansion cost them a whopping $2.5 million. Their estimated budget at first was $1.5 million. Before their guests arrived, Anila, along with her closest family members, completed a puja for their new home. They went as far as bringing in a cow through their house. But little did Anila expect for the cow to poop inside her new house.

While Anila and her family moved into their new 6-bedroom, 10-bathroom mansion after several years of building it, Toya and Eugene moved into a rental home down the street.

Toya sold her dream home and moved into the rental home because they had purchased a new plot and she was building her new dream home there. She claimed the old house didn't have a lift or a tennis court, and there wasn't enough space.

Meanwhile, Quad's life changed as well. She bought a new house, and her mother and nephew moved in with her. The Married to Medicine star's brother passed away last year after complications in his heart. Ever since his passing, it has been hard for her nephew and her mother to overcome his death.

While Anila and Toya's friendship was pleasant, Jackie and Simone rekindled their bond. They realized they both missed each other and decided to put the past behind them. Heavenly also had changes of her own in her life. She launched her own beauty store called 'Heavenly Beauty.' She and Contessa, on the other hand, are no longer friends.

Married to Medicine Season 9 airs every Sunday night at 9 pm ET only on Bravo.

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