Married to Medicine: Why are fans calling Anila "selfish" in Episode 2? 

Anila in Married to Medicine  (Image via Instagram/@anilasajja)
Anila in Married to Medicine (Image via Instagram/@anilasajja)

Married to Medicine returned to Bravo on Sunday night for an all-new episode, and it was nothing short of intense. While the other cast members were dealing with their own issues this week, Anila seemed to be dealing with some shocking revelations. Viewers who witnessed Anila react to the news she received labelled her selfish.

Anila is being very selfish !! #MarriedToMedicine

Episode 2 of Married to Medicine featured Anila getting things ready to drop her kids off at school. She also got help from her nanny who was there full-time to look after her kids. The mother-of-two also shared that ever since her blogging career started to develop, she has spent close to 40 to 60 hours a week focusing on it.

But little did she know that there was a shocking piece of news awaiting her that might alter her newly budding career.

Here are some reasons why Married to Medicine Episode 2 viewers are calling Anila "selfish"

Anila's nanny, Mrs. Gomez, has been with the family for many years. According to the mother-of-two, she's been with them even when she was pregnant with her youngest son.

During Sunday night's episode of Married to Medicine, when Anila and her husband returned from work, Mrs. Gomez brought them into the kitchen, where she set the table with a special dinner just for them. The kids were in bed, and the couple were surprised to see the amazing food laid out on the table. Little did they know that they were about to hear a shocking piece of news.

When Anila and her husband asked Mrs. Gomez what the occasion was, she shared that she had made this dinner for them because she was leaving. She revealed that she was going to Houston. Anila thought that she was just going for a few days. But her nanny revealed that she was leaving and was going to stay there.

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The Married to Medicine couple were taken aback with the information. Mrs. Gomez shared that she had a house and grandchildren in Houston, so she was going back to her family. Anila, who was surprised, shared that Mrs. Gomez is a part of the family and can not leave them.

Mrs. Gomez shared that she loved them and their kids, but needed to be close to her family as well. The Married to Medicine star shared that she had no idea what she was going to do once her nanny left.

During her confessional, Anila shared that she felt blindsided and didn't see it coming. She added that she had no idea how she was going to manage and if she should stop blogging.

The Married to Medicine star told Mrs. Gomez that she didn't know how to find someone to replace her because no one else would understand her kids the way she did. Sadly, there wasn't anything they could do that would make Mrs. Gomez stay back.

Fans who watched Anila's reaction called her out, claiming that it was selfish of her to react that way.

Fans' reaction to Anila's reaction

Taking to Twitter, fans shared that Anila was selfish and that she needed to take care of her own children. Apart from that, a few other fans added that they understood that she was upset, but that didn't mean she could react the way she did.

Anila & her (no backbone) having husband are beyond selfish. Who TF asked y'all to have these children? Take care of them, they are YOURS! #marriedtomedicine
Anila girl you are selfish #marriedtomedicine
Anila is so selfish. Ms. Gomez wants to be close to her family...her grandbabies, and Anila is like --- but, what about my kids (you know, the ones you aren't kin to)?It was funny watching Anila begging for Ms. Gomez to stay, and Ms. Gomez said...#marriedtomedicine
Anila is so selfish let this lady return back to her own family in Houston damn. You don't have a job raise your own kids or get another nanny. Gee Whiz #married2med #marriedtomedicine
Anila is astonishingly selfish. Her nanny told her it was time for her to go be with her family, especially her grandchildren. I get the disappointment but Anila didn’t even consider that this woman has been away from her family for years. It was all about her. #marriedtomedicine
So Anika thinks the nanny can take of Anila's kids while she's missing out on her grandchildren? How selfish is that? #MarriedToMedicine
Now I get Anila being upset the nanny is leaving but her reaction is a little selfish! Surely she can understand the nanny wanting to be close to her own grandchildren…#marriedtomedicine
Anila is so selfish!! Did you not just hear that lady say she has to go back to her family!? Her and husband is so selfish it’s ridiculous. #marriedtomedicine
Anila is so f’n selfish! Your family doesn’t come before hers! TF is wrong with you??? #married #marriedtomedicine

Married to Medicine airs every Sunday night at 9 pm ET only on Bravo.

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