When will 'Married to Real Estate' Season 1 Episode 8 air? Release date, plot, trailer, and more

Married to Real Estate (Image via Getty Images/Jessica McGowan)
Married to Real Estate (Image via Getty Images/Jessica McGowan)

Home renovations experts Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson are currently getting featured on their new show Married to Real Estate on HGTV. The much-awaited finale, Episode 8 of Season 1, will air on March 3 at 9:00 PM ET/PT. So far, the home-renovation reality show has gained massive attention for its real-life content.

Married to Real Estate features Egypt and Sherrod helping families and couples by building gorgeous low-budget dream houses. Including the home-renovation couple’s hectic professional life, the show also presents how they balance it with their personal life.

What will happen in Episode 8 of 'Married to Real Estate'?

The show recently released a trailer for the upcoming finale episode, which will feature the dream house of a young couple. They strongly desire to live in the sought-after neighborhood of Brookhaven, Georgia. However, they have trouble finding a suitable home following their imagination.

Thus, the couple seeks Egypt and Mike’s help. The couple wishes to buy cheap and add a ton of equity by renovating a tired and dated country home into a modern masterpiece. Episode 8, titled "More Like Brook-Heaven," will feature the expertise of Egypt and Mike and how they turn the couple’s dream house into reality.

In previous episodes of Married to Real Estate, the expert couple has accurately carried out excellent home-renovation projects for many families and couples. In the first episode, the couple helped a Washington DC couple who wanted to own a designer bungalow in Atlanta's Grant Park neighborhood. Egypt and Mike designed an open floor plan for their dreams.

Will 'Married to Real Estate' return with Season 2?

Yes, Mike and Egypt are planning to go ahead with the second season of their show. In an interview with HGTV, Egypt stated:

“What you’re documenting is the beginning of seeing us combine our businesses.”

She further added:

“That’s what you’ll see in season two — how we actually combine our businesses and grow into a mega one-stop-shop: real estate, renovation, and design house. We’re speaking it into existence!”

Egypt has already been a known on-camera face on the network since 2007’s Property Virgins and then in Flipping Virgins. While she is an excellent real estate broker, her husband, Mike Jackson, is a passionate builder. The married couple has been together for 17 years and also has two daughters.

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