Marvel x Pandora charms collection: Release date, where to buy, products and all about the Avengers-themed drop

Pandora has teamed up with none other than the MCU for a limited-edition collection (Image via Pandora)
Pandora has teamed up with none other than the MCU for a limited-edition collection (Image via Pandora)

Danish jewelry retailer Pandora has partnered with Marvel for an MCU-based limited-edition collection.

The collection will feature some of the Avengers and other prominent superheroes from the cinematic universe. There will also be multiple options for bracelets, keyrings, and charm sets based on the characters.

Pandora is bringing 18 items of assorted materials like sterling silver, crystals, and zirconia, with a launch date set on February 17. The new collection will be available at the manufacturer’s online stores and their 2600+ retail stores worldwide on Thursday.

@Pandora_UK I’m going to pass out! I need every single one of these omg. I’ve been waiting years for marvel X pandora

Pandora has collaborated with Disney on multiple occasions. In 2014, the two companies signed a deal that allowed Pandora to sell their products at the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

What does the Marvel X Pandora charms include?

Marvel x Pandora charms collection (Image via Pandora)
Marvel x Pandora charms collection (Image via Pandora)

The Marvel X Pandora limited-edition collection will have six bracelets, one ring, and eleven charms.

The collection will include an Iron Man charm with “hand-applied enamel and 14k gold plating.” The figure will also have “Find your Power” engraved at the back of its head.

Meanwhile, Hulk’s charm is plated with sterling silver and painted with green enamel. The charm comes with the engraving, “Hulk Smash.”

The dangling charm of Black Widow is also made of sterling silver with hand-painted enamels. It comes with the engraving, “Actually, I can.”

The charms will range from 10mm to 14.3 mm.

How much does the Marvel X Pandora collection cost?


As per the product page of Pandora's website, the Avengers-based charms start from $55, with the Iron Man charm being the most expensive at $60. The other charms include Thor’s hammer ($45), Captain America’s shield ($45), Iron Man’s arc reactor ($35), and Thanos’ 14-K gold plated infinity gauntlet ($70). Meanwhile, an infinity stone dangle charm and a chain bracelet will be available for around $70 each.

Sets of two or more character charms will be available for $125 to $160. These products will come with a 30-days return policy and free shipping in the UK.

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