McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich Rug: Where to buy, release date, price, and everything to know about the innovative decor piece

McDonald's Crispy Chicken Sandwich has now taken the form of a rug (Image via
McDonald's Crispy Chicken Sandwich has now taken the form of a rug (Image via
Mita Kataria

Who would have thought that McDonald’s famous Crispy Chicken Sandwich could one day be a part of your home decor? Yes, you read that right, the delightful Crispy Chicken Sandwich that pleases your palate can also adorn your floor since it has taken the form of a rug.

A limited-edition decor piece, the rug comes in three designs like the sandwich: the original, the spicy and the deluxe version.

In the past few years, social media has given a platform to unique creators whose artistic pursuits have concocted the most intriguing products. Many have taken over the internet, from simple DIY hacks and food recipes to strange trends like the actual cake trend, where real objects were revealed to be cake.

When it comes to designing rugs, who better design them other than the TikTok tufting sensation Madelin Ronzoni. He boasts of over 600,000 followers and has taken rug-making to another level with her creative designs, from bubble tea rugs to basketball shoes. McDonalds tapped Ronzoni to collaborate on this artistic campaign, promoting, and expanding its brand.

Everything to know about McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich rugs


While the original design of the rugs comes from Ronzoni, the rugs are made by vendors inspired by Ronzoni’s designs. These rugs will be made available every Sunday in April, starting from April 3 and until April 24, at 1:00 pm. Eastern Time until the stocks last. Priced at $65, these rugs can be bought on the McDonald’s apparel and merchandise website: Golden Arches Unlimited.

The rug is available in three designs, perfectly imitating the three forms of Crispy Chicken Sandwich. The first one is the original. Made of acrylic and cotton, the rug is estimated to be 30 inches wide and 16.9 inches tall. Like the original sandwich, it includes two buns encasing a tender fried chicken piece along with two pieces of a pickle.

The Spicy Tuft is the next one, which is 30 inches wide and 19.88 inches tall. It includes the same elements as the original sandwich and two layers of a bold orange-colored spicy sauce as its nomenclature inspiration.

The last is the Spicy Deluxe sandwich-inspired rug, 30 inches wide and 22.95 inches tall. In eye-popping shades of red and green, it features tomatoes and shredded lettuce, spicy orange sauce and chicken pieces ensconced in two savory buns.

With its vibrant colors and detailed design, these rugs will make you crave some Crispy Chicken sandwiches for yourself. Though there is a catch, the appealing sandwich-like rugs, unlike an actual Crispy Chicken Sandwich, will take about four months to be delivered.

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