McDonald's Puffer bag: Where to buy, price, and more 

McDonald's Singapore drops a new McGriddles Patty Puffer Bag merchandise (Image via McDonald's Singapore)

McDonald's Singapore dropped a new Puffer bag merch on Tuesday, March 7, and all hell broke loose. Dubbed the McGriddles Patty Puffer Bag, the limited-edition merch was exclusive to a single Canberra outlet and was only available to the first 200 customers. Like other promotional merchandise, the puffer bag was free to claim if you ordered two McGriddles Value meals.

But the big catch to it all was timing. Considering that the limited-edition merch was available starting as early as 7 am, getting your hands on the McGriddles Patty Puffer Bag was no easy feat. But to no surprise, all 200 units of the Singapore-exclusive merch were claimed a couple of minutes after the Canberra outlet gave away the first unit of the merch.

All units of the limited-edition merch have already been sold, and there has been no hint of a restock or resupply from McDonald's Singapore. While the merch was exclusive to Singapore, it has already grabbed the attention of fans and collectors from across the globe.

How to buy McDonald's McGriddles Patty Puffer Bag

Adorning the brownish shades of McGriddle's sausage patties, the limited-edition McGriddles Patty Puffer Bag greatly resembles the sweet and juicy McGriddles patties. Be it the puffiness or the colors, the limited-edition merch features all the necessary qualities of a collector's model. Sadly enough, McDonald's does not seem to have any plans to either bring it back into stock or make it global.

However, all is not lost, as not everyone who claimed the Singapore-exclusive merch from the Canberra outlet seems to be a collector. Soon after the bags were claimed, many of them made their way to the aftermarket and are being sold. A common case with most collectible merchandise these days, the McGriddles Patty Puffer Bag has made its way to the resale website, Carousell.

 Screenshot of the McGriddles Patty Puffer Bags from McDonald's that are now listed for resale on the Carousell website (Image via Carousell/Screenshot)
Screenshot of the McGriddles Patty Puffer Bags from McDonald's that are now listed for resale on the Carousell website (Image via Carousell/Screenshot)

Listed for as high as $300, the McGriddles Patty Puffer Bag merchandise can be bought as a collectible from the Carousell website. While some may find the prices high for something that was supposed to be free, others may overlook the numbers considering how rare McDonald's merch can be.

Either way, readers are advised to stay extra cautious when ordering the McGriddles Patty Puffer Bag merchandise from third-party dealers and/or websites, as it involves a considerably high risk. Fans are also advised to stay cautious of fakes and duplicates.

Founded on May 15, 1940, McDonald's Co. is an American multinational chain of fast-food restaurants. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the fast food chain is the world's largest in revenue. With more than 40,000 company-owned and franchisee-owned outlets, the fast food chain serves approx 69 million customers across the world every day.

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