Mick Brigden accident: Cause of death explored as Rolling Stones manager dies at 73

Mick Brigden was a popular figure in the music industry (Image via MJJ Management)
Mick Brigden was a popular figure in the music industry (Image via MJJ Management)

On September 5, Rolling Stone and Bob Dylan's former tour manager Mick Brigden passed away at 73. He was from the UK and lived at his Santa Rosa, California, home at the time of his passing.

Brigden is survived by his wife of 34 years, Julia Dreyer Brigden, his son Jack, step-daughter Jessica, and grandson David.

How did Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan's former tour manager, Mick Brigden, die?


According to reports from The Press Democrat, Mick Brigden was digging the grave of his family's dog at his hilltop property north of Santa Rosa, California, when he was injured. Brigden was taken to a local hospital, where his injuries caused his demise.

A look at his career

Brigden's career in the music industry as a manager for tours spanned over almost 50 years. He was best known for managing tours for Humble Pie, Van Morrison, Taj Mahal, and Carlos Santana, among others. Furthermore, in the last three decades of his career, Mick Brigden managed tours for The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and guitarist Joe Satriani.

Mick Brigden's long-term friend and mentor Joe Satriani said:

"It's been a crazy and wonderful 33 years of rock 'n' roll. I've never worked so hard, played so hard, laughed and cried so hard, made so much music and had so many worldwide adventures, and all with Mick by my side."

Satriani added:

"He [Mick Brigden] was the ultimate music business mentor. Honest, tough, nurturing, hardworking, respectful, tenacious, insightful, he was all of the things and more. I learned so much about how to be a good person from Mick. Throughout his illustrious career, he worked the biggest and the best, but always knew it was important to be kind, be respectful, be cool and do things the right way."

A bit about the rock star manager

Mick Brigden was the former protégé of manager Bill Graham, and after working for Graham for seven years, in 1976, Brigden took over his management along with Arnie Pustilink.

Brigden and Pustilinik launched their own record label, Wolfgang Records (under Columbia), in the late 1970s.