Miley Cyrus' New Year’s Eve Party wardrobe malfunction video goes viral as singer expertly recovers with ease 

Miley Cyrus handles wardrobe malfunction with ease at New Year's Eve concert (Image via Instagram/mileycyrus)
Miley Cyrus handles wardrobe malfunction with ease at New Year's Eve concert (Image via Instagram/mileycyrus)

Miley Cyrus handled her New Year’s Eve performance wardrobe malfunction with complete ease. The singer had her own NBC New Year’s Eve special event called Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party. Though the 29-year-old singer’s top untied during her performance, she quickly changed her outfit and continued her set.

The unfortunate event took place after Miley Cyrus ended her We Can’t Stop performance and was transitioning to her next viral hit Party in the U.S.A. As her sequenced silver top fell off, she held her top and walked backstage.

Cyrus continued to perform without skipping a beat throughout the unpredicted event. Her backup singers and band seamlessly rolled with the punches as well.

Miley Cyrus responds to slip up during New Year’s Eve special event

Miley Cyrus was back on stage to continue her performance as she wore a red blazer. She jokingly told the crowd:

"Everybody's definitely looking at me now. This is still the most amount of clothes I’ve worn onstage.”

Fellow singer Saweetie also encouraged the singer to move past the unfortunate event while on stage. She said:

"Miley you still look good — you know that's right! Go 'head best friend!"

Ending the event on an uplifting note, Miley Cyrus said at the Miami concert:

"Thank you so much, everybody, thank you. Tonight's show was all about being flexible, rolling with the punches, and making the best out of even the worst circumstances. And that resilience shouldn't end here. Let's bring that into the New Year with us.”

She added:

"We've all learned how to expect the unexpected, and rather than see it as a problem, let's see it as an opportunity.”

Miley Cyrus’ co-host Pete Davidson extended his support after the incident. As the latter lifted up his shirt, he said:

“I heard we had a little bo*b slip, so in solidarity, here are my bo*bies.”

The special event aired live on NBC and Peacock. Though the concert held a large crowd, it was assured that the entirety were vaccinated.

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