Mirror boy band accident: Video of giant screen crashing onto stage at Hong Kong concert goes viral

A big LCD screen fell on two performers of the boy band Mirror during a live concert. (Image via @ahfa908 / Instagram)
A big LCD screen fell on two performers of the boy band Mirror during a live concert. (Image via @ahfa908 / Instagram)

A large screen came crashing down on two performers of the boy band, Mirror, during a live concert in Hong Kong.

A video of the incident is being shared online and shows 15 dancers performing on stage when an LED screen falls on two of them. With the audience screaming at the chaos, the screen first falls directly on one dancer before toppling over and hitting another performer. As soon as the others realize what's happening, they rush to help the injured performers.

Police who arrived at the venue said that none of the members of the band were injured in the incident.

The incident took place on July 28, 2022 during the fourth of the 12 scheduled concerts by the band, Mirror. The group is a popular 12-member band from Hong Kong that is credited with the revival of Cantopop.

Local media reported that the injured performers were rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. One of them was said to be in a serious condition with neck injuries while the other is stable.

Other than the two performers, a member of the audience was also injured during the incident. Meanwhile, two other audience members who were in the vicinity of the screen's fall were in a state of shock but didn't need any medical assistance.

After the incident, the concert was halted and the attendees were asked to leave the venue.

LCD screen fall is the second stage incident reported by boy band Mirror this week

However, this isn't the first time there was a stage incident that took place while the boy band was performing in Hong Kong.

During a different show on Tuesday, July 26, 2022, while performing, a member of Mirror, Frankie Lui, fell of the edge of the stage. It seemed like the artist lost his footing while giving a speech.

This led to petitioners blaming festival organizers for not looking after the well-being of the performers. An online petition has also been launched with regards to the safety issues of the Mirror members during concerts. The petition urges organizers to ensure the safety of the band and its dancers. It also asks organizers to refrain from using unnecessary stage mechanisms or raised platforms.

The concert on Thursday took place at the Hong Kong Coliseum, which is 23 meters or nearly 75 feet high. The Leisure and Cultural Services Department is the government agency that manages the venue.

As of now, all further shows at the venue have been suspended.


John Lee, Hong Kong's chief executive, said in a statement that he asked the Leisure Department and other agencies to investigate the incident. He also asked them to “review the safety requirements of similar performance activities.”

Lee further added:

“I am shocked by the incident. I express sympathy to those who were injured and hope that they would recover soon.”

In a different statement, Hong Kong Culture Secretary Kevin Yeung said that the Leisure bureau has contacted the concert's organizers about the incidents that took place at the venue.

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