"Monet ate Jinx up": Fans praise Monet's lip-sync performance in RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 7 finale 

Monet X Change (Image via Instagram/@monetxchange)
Monet X Change (Image via Instagram/@monetxchange)
Rachel Windsor

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 7 came to an end after an epic finale on Friday. It all boiled down to Jinkx Monsoon and Monet X Change’s Lip Sync LaLaPaRUza performance. The queens had to lip-sync to Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj's Swish Swish. Following the performance, Mama Ru crowned Jinkx as the winner.

Although fans were thrilled with Jinkx's win, many took to social media to share that Monet was the one who aced the lipsync performance.

yeah monet ate jinx UP #AllStars7

The four drag queens who made it to the finale were Jinkx, Monet, Shea Coulee and Trinity the Tuck. They battled it out not only for the title, but also a huge cash prize of $200,000.

The fate of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars finalists was left in Mama Ru's hands. After various challenges and rounds, it all came down to their lip sync performances. Jinkx’s first lip-sync performance was between Jinkx and Shea. The two went head-to-head against each other in Lady Gaga's Judas. Jinkx emerged as the winner.

The second lip-sync performance was between Monet and Trinity. The duo battled it out against each other to Pink's So What. Monet walked out of the lipsync performance as the winner.

The final lip-sync performance was between Monet and Jinkx. Though the latter gave her best, fans claimed that Monet performed way better than Jinkx did.

Those who watched their lip-sync battle, took to social media to share their opinions on Monet and Jinkx's LaLaPaRUza performance.

Fans laud Monet for her LaLaPaRUza lip-sync performance in RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 7

Taking to Twitter, fans claimed that even though it was a well-deserved win for Jinkx, it was Monet who performed better than her during the lip-sync.

Congratulations to Jinx. FOREVER #MonsoonSeason She ate this season UP and Im elated that she won. BUT, Shea, Yvie and MONET MF XCHANGE won all those lip sync battles. The lalapaRUza was pointless. #AllStars7
Naur! Even taking off Nicki's rap verse that Monet would have ate top, verse to bottom. She still won this lipsync. C'mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#AllStars7
#AllStars7 spoilers......Monet ate that last lipsync but I'm so happy Jinkx won. She deserved it
I agree that Jinx should’ve won based on her overall performance in the challenges, but Monet ate her up in that lip sync. #AllStars7
MONET ATE THAT LIPSYNC, but, during the whole season Jinkx killed, so well deserved❤️❤️ #AllStars7
Monét x Change ate and left no crumbs! She will forever be my favorite drag queen and I’ll always know her as Queen of All Queens 👸🏾🖤🤘🏽! Thank you for an amazing season and the slaughter you gave on that stage! #WeLoveYouMonet #Soakitup #TeamMonét #AllStars7 @monetxchange

Some fans also claimed that the crew went to congratulate Monet after the lip-sync battle. They further added that the series edited out a part when Jinkx allegedly stopped performing and looked at Monet's lip-sync during their performance.

Monet said after the lipsync everyone was applauding her and the crew was literally congratulating her for eating jinkx up 😭 #DragRace #AllStars7
The crew came up to congratulate Monet after her lipsync with Jinkx #AllStars7
So apparently the reason for the weird edit on the nicki part of the lip sync was because JINKX FULLY STOPPED LIPSYNCING TO WATCH MONET.....and production also cut a gag where monet pulled out lipsticks for all the eliminated girls at the start :/ #allstars7 #DragRaceAllStars7
what is the point of having the lip sync smack down if you are just gonna edit in favor of the queen you clearly want to win?like editing out ALL the Nicki parts bcs you just know Monet mopped the floor with Jinkx... such a bad episode #AllStars7
#AllStars7 I get it, this season was a celebration of these iconic queens… but with no criticism and clear favourites in the edit, it’s kinda left me not that bothered by the final. Getting Monet to pick after all they fought for stars is so ridiculous to me… @RuPaulsDragRace
Monet confirmed recent leaks that Jinkx had stopped lip syncing and watching her at one point in the lip sync #AllStars7
Jinkx fully stopped to watch Monet during the lipsync. IM GOING FERAL #AllStars7
Monet had a bit where she pulled out shea, trinity's then Jinkx lipstick in the lipsync. And she just said Jinkx stopped lipsyncing and just stood there and watched Monet do nicki's verse??? #DragRace #AllStars7 #TeamMonet

Jinkx was crowned the winner based on her performance throughout season 7 of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars

Prior to announcing the winners, Mama Ru told Monet and Jinkx,

"Jinkx, Monét, whatever happens next, you are and will always be legendary legends"

She then went on to announce that the winner was not only picked based on their lip-sync performance, but their over-all performance throughout Season 7.

Monet made it to the grand finale after gaining five stars. She also won three maxi challenges and one lip-sync challenge.

Jinkx made it to the finale with a star count of four. She additionally won five maxi challenges and three lip sync challenges.

Ultimately, Mama Ru crowned Jinkx as the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 7. Immediately after winning the title, Jinkx took center stage and shared a speech on self-love.

The RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars winner opened up and said that drag was her passion. She added that it was something that she had dedicated more than half of her life to. Continuing, she shared that at this point she felt grateful to have been invited to be in the competition.

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