'Money Heist' Season 5 Episode 9 review: The heist team may have fallen but the Professor never loses (Spoilers)

Still from Netflix's Money Heist Season 5 Episode 9 (Image via IMDb)
Still from Netflix's Money Heist Season 5 Episode 9 (Image via IMDb)
Shruti Kotiya

Episode 9 of Money Heist's Season 5 captures The Professor and his heist team at their weakest as defeated warriors. Titled "Pillow Talk", this episode of Money Heist revolves around The Professor realizing the culprit behind the theft and the heist team losing to Tamayo.

An uneventful turn of events puts the responsibility on Sierra's shoulders as the Professor joins his defeated gang at the bank.


'Money Heist' Season 5 Episode 9: Recap and review



Episode 9 of Money Heist opens with a furious Professor who feels defeated as his tactics were used against him. All hope seems lost now that the gold is stolen, but The Professor will not go down without a fight. He and his team get into their cars with weapons and head out to find the thieves. Palermo tells The Professor that without the gold, there is no way the heist team can get out of the bank, so they look for lorries, only to find them empty.

On the other hand, Lisbon and Palermo think about the possible mastermind behind this theft. They realize it's none other than Berlin's ex-wife Tatiana which they later inform The Professor. He realizes that Berlin shared his heist plans with his wife even if she was not involved in them, and The Professor then imagines her plans with the gold and how they would've transported it.

He then radios Rio and asks him to hack traffic cameras as the gold might be covered in dirt in the trucks. The Professor promises the team that he will get the gold back as he always will have their backs in Money Heist.

Viewers will be hit with another flashback in this episode of Money Heist, but it's not of Berlin this time. The flashback is of a tired Professor who loses his cool over being the group's brains while others are enjoying outside. He rants about the bad prank the group pulled and then about being tired, ending it with a glass of alcohol and a cigarette. Full of rage, he starts dancing, which makes everyone laugh, and then eventually joins him to blow off steam.

Back to the present day in Money Heist, Sagasta's plans are coming together as his rogue squad member is putting explosives all over the place inside the bank. A furious Tamayo is determined to bring the heist team down, but the team must ensure that nobody finds out about the stolen gold or it is game over for them.

Lisbon then gets into an argument with The Professor over falling for a cheap police trick which makes him realize that it could still be a trick being played by Tatiana as they had altered the traffic camera footage.

The Professor then comes up with a theory that Tatiana and Rafael are in hiding and have used the dump trucks to bury the gold. To his surprise, that is actually what they are doing as the two are seen building a house over the buried loot turning the entire plot of Money Heist into a magnificent one. Back at the Bank of Spain, Tamayo is preparing another assault with Sagasta's squad member, who gets the signal from Sagasta. Palermo is disarmed and gets attacked by Sagasta's squad member, which leads to the bank being broken in by the police force and army.

The heist team has fallen as they all are arrested, which makes Tamayo celebrate. He then enters the bank in full confidence and confronts the heist team, who are all knelt in a circle. He uses Lisbon's radio to tell The Professor that his game is now over, which leaves The Professor in absolute shock.

He offers to hand himself in as he is not a coward and will not let the gang go down without him. The Professor then tells Tamayo that he has won and will be at the bank in twenty minutes. But, everyone who watches Money Heist knows The Professor never loses and always has one last ace up his sleeve.

The Professor then tells Sierra that it's over if the heist team leaves the bank, so he needs to buy time, which can only be done if he surrenders. He then hands over the responsibility of finding the gold to Sierra, to which she agrees after an argument. He then leaves her and the team, handing over a note to Rafael. Back at the bank in Money Heist, Tamayo and the governor visit the vaults only to find them empty, which means that the country's entire reserve is gone, leaving it in credit.

The Professor is then seen arriving at the bank and is greeted by celebrating supporters. In a flashback, Tokyo tells him that he is their faith and hope, making him feel loved. He is overawed by the support and recalls dancing with Tokyo. Back to reality, The Professor enters the bank for the very first time, and now he is part of the war zone. A goosebump-filled moment indeed in Money Heist.


Episode 9 of Money Heist felt like an awakening as the biggest plot twist in the show's history was easily resolved and gave The Professor a clearer view. While the gold may have been stolen, it is not the end for the heist team or The Professor. He is known to have backup plans that nobody knows about, which are always a success which is why the team believes in him.

This episode of Money Heist season 5 is titled Pillow Talk, as that is what makes The Professor aware of the face behind the theft. Lisbon tells him that people talk in bed, just like he does. They share their secrets, their dreams, and perhaps their plans with their partners, which is exactly what Berlin did with Tatiana, and he clearly took advantage of that.

The beauty of this episode of Money Heist lies in the flashbacks. The time the team celebrated together, how Tokyo and The Professor danced and how all of it is now a good memory The Professor lives by. It shows how close he was with not just the team as a whole but each one of them, especially Tokyo. She made him believe in himself and told him that each person there has faith in him and his plans no matter what happens.

Another stunning piece of cinematography is seen in Money Heist was when The Professor imagined how Tatiana and Rafael would've transported the stolen gold. The way the entire procedure is shown just by tire marks and imagination is probably one of the best shots in the whole history of Money Heist. It also showed how smart The Professor is outside of just planning heists. The most defeating moment in Money Heist was definitely seeing The Professor surrender and return like a lost soldier to his squad, but all hope is not lost as Sierra is still looking for the gold, and he will get his team out no matter what.

Stream Money Heist Season 5 Episode 9 is now on Netflix, with previous seasons also available to watch.

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