Monsta X's Minhyuk expresses discomfort towards an obsessive fan during a livestream

Monsta X's Minhyuk calls out an obsessive fan for incessantly calling him (Image via NAVER X Dispatch)
Monsta X's Minhyuk calls out an obsessive fan for incessantly calling him (Image via NAVER X Dispatch)

K-pop idol Lee Minhyuk of Monsta X showed visible frustration at a sasaeng fan incessantly calling him in the middle of a livestream he was holding.

Minhyuk, who was celebrating his birthday with Monbebes (fans of Monsta X) on the VLive platform, pleaded for his "fan" to stop calling him, telling them they're not a "real Monbebe."

Minhyuk scolds fan for calling him during his birthday livestream

Monsta X's Lee Minhyuk is a 28-year-old K-pop idol under Starship Entertainment. On November 3, he celebrated his 28th birthday. The singer held a livestream on the VLive platform to talk to his fans and share some moments from his big day.

During the stream, Minhyuk was seen getting visibly frustrated as he kept receiving phone calls from someone. After the first ring, he asked them to stop doing it and told them they were not "a real Monbebe." Monbebes are the official name given to fans of Monsta X.

Unfortunately for him, the fan ignored his pleas and continued to ring his number. After a while, Minhyuk calmly but sternly repeated himself, telling them to cease the calls. He indirectly called them an "uninvited guest" to his birthday party.

The type of fan is known as a sasaeng. Sasaeng fans are those fans who engage in illegal or disruptive behavior in order to get closer to their idols or obtain private and personal information about them.

Sasaeng fans have taken some wildly extreme measures to approach idols. K-pop idols have been in danger of being kidnapped, have gotten in car accidents, been spied on in bathrooms, and have had secret cameras videotaping them in their hotel rooms. All of these acts were perpetrated by sasaeng fans.

In recent news, the Starship Entertainment K-pop group will be performing at the 2021 Jingle Ball Tour on several different dates and venues.

JYP Entertainment was recently accused of copying Monsta X's logo after the music label revealed the new logo of their upcoming K-pop group. The group's concept bore a resemblance to a song that Monsta X had released as well.

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