"Most awkward moment of my life": Jaclyn Hill claims Amber Heard's bodyguard once humiliated her in viral TikTok

YouTuber Jaclyn Hill recounts interaction with Amber Heard (Image via jaclynhill/Instagram and AP)
YouTuber Jaclyn Hill recounts interaction with Amber Heard (Image via jaclynhill/Instagram and AP)

As the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial continues to receive attention online, beauty influencer Jaclyn Hill has opened up about her experience with the latter’s bodyguards. The beauty mogul took to her TikTok account, sharing a “humiliating” experience she had at a restaurant because of the Aquaman actress’ bodyguard.

Jaclyn Hill is one of the most celebrated makeup artists on YouTube. She has amassed over 5.6 million subscribers on the platform. She shared on TikTok that she wanted to tell her fans about the interaction she had with Heard “about two years ago.” The influencer added that she decided to speak about the matter now because of all the press attention the legal battle has been garnering.

The TikTok video has since been viewed over 570,000 times. In the video clip, Hill claimed that the encounter occurred while she was dining with friends at Nobu in Malibu, California. The Japanese fusion restaurant is best known for its celebrity guests.


What did Amber Heard’s security do to Jaclyn Hill?

As Jaclyn Hill was enjoying dinner with her friends, she spotted the actress sitting at the next table. Hill claimed that she recognized her from her 2006 movie Alpha Dog. In the video, Hill said:

“We were making eye contact every three to five minutes, and it was so awkward, and I was like, 'Why does she keep looking at me? Why do I keep looking at her?'”

After the influencer finished paying her bill, she stated that she got up to leave the restaurant and decided to tell the 36-year-old actress that she thought she was “really beautiful.”

Jacyln Hill claimed that she had a brief conversation with Amber Heard, and the two discussed the former’s ear piercings before Heard’s bodyguard “physically grabs my arm, grabs me, and says, ‘Ma’am come with me.’”

Hill claimed that the bodyguard pulled her to the front of the restaurant as other diners continued to watch her. The security then said:

“You need to leave. You are not allowed to speak to her.”

The makeup artist said that it was “the most awkward moment of my life” and went on to call it “humiliating.”

Though it may seem like Jaclyn Hill is sharing her experience with Heard’s bodyguards just to attack the now-infamous actress, Hill shared that she was “so nice” to her. The YouTuber added that the actress had a “weird look on her face,” once the security guard asked Hill to leave.

It is important to note that the story was not verified by Amber Heard or any of her close friends at the time of writing this article.

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