What happened to Jaclyn Hill? YouTuber responds after being accused of lying about her kidnapping

Jaclyn Hill has come under fire recently but decided to take the criticism head-on (Image via Instagram)
Jaclyn Hill has come under fire recently but decided to take the criticism head-on (Image via Instagram)

Jaclyn Hill took to Twitter on July 12th to speak about her experience where two men allegedly kidnaped her on the night of July 11th. The YouTuber stated that the men tried to physically pull her into a car while she was alone outside.

The makeup guru was accused of lying about the incident and creating stories to gain clout online. Following the backlash on Twitter, Jaclyn Hill took to her Instagram stories to respond to being called out.

Jaclyn Hill claps back at haters

The content creator formed her makeup brand, Jaclyn Cosmetics, in 2019. Since then, Hill has released several new collections and is famous for her highlighters and the infamous lipstick scandal where fuzzy white hair was stuck on her lipsticks.

After Jalyn Hill was called out for creating a fake narrative around her alleged kidnapping, the 30-year-old responded by saying:

“Seeing people say that I’m doing this for attention has got me so livid I can’t even put it into words. I am so angry over this, people who are accusing me of lying about a guy grabbing me.”

The Illinois native stopped recording for a minute before continuing:

“I had to stop because I was getting angry, I do not get this emotional often at all, but I am so pissed right now. The fact that yesterday my mom spent the entire day such a f**king wreck, you know for better lack of words.”

She continued:

“Just over the thought of what could have happened, and then there are people out here saying that I would lie about this. It just says so much more about your character than it does about mine. Like, how do you lie about something like this? I just don’t understand; it’s got me so angry because of people like you who are accusing me of lying, because of people like you, women don’t come forward when bad things happened.”

Jaclyn Hill ended by saying:

“It’s because of people like you that women don’t have the b***s to stand up and say what happened to them because you accuse them of lying. It’s bull***t.”

Fans felt empathetic towards the entrepreneur and later supported her on Twitter.

Jaclyn Hill will be releasing her Summer Collection at 2 PM EST on

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