Most-viewed K-pop music videos within one hour of release

The record for the most-viewed K-pop music video is held by none other than BTS (Image via Twitter/ @bts_bighit)
The record for the most-viewed K-pop music video is held by none other than BTS (Image via Twitter/ @bts_bighit)
Tuba Waqar

K-pop stans (especially BTS stans) are well known for breaking the internet every time their favorite idols release a song.

ARMY's (as BTS fans call themselves) are particularly notorious for this, with them crashing social media sites not only on premieres, but also on birthdays, and every time the band comes live. So it's no surprise that BTS itself holds the title for the most-viewed K-pop music video premiere in the first hour after its release.

Most viewed K-pop video in first one hour after release

K-Pop band BTS released their first completely English song, 'Dynamite,' in 2020, and since then they've released three more in the English language. The increased accessibility of the language has made these songs outdo most other music videos, both Korean and international.

The second position on the most viewed music video premieres list belongs to BTS' 'Dynamite'.

The first fully English BTS song broke multiple records on its release on August 21, 2020. The K-Pop music video broke YouTube's record for most-viewed premiere, with over 3 million viewers. It reached 10 million views in only 20 minutes. 'Dynamite' also reached a then-record 20 million views in just a little over an hour (one hour 14 minutes, to be exact.)

The BTS song also set a record for the most viewed video in the first 24 hours of its release. It also held the record of becoming the first music video in history to cross 100 million views in less than a day.

Check out the mindblowing video here:

Although these records are incredible and seem difficult to break, BTS, and ARMY, are known to do the impossible, over and over again. They proved it once more and broke their record for most-viewed music video in one hour (held by 'Dynamite'), overhauling the record on May 21, 2021 with their song 'Butter'.

Labeled track of the summer, BTS's 'Butter' was expected to smash multiple records, and BTS did not disappoint. Within an hour of its release, the benchmark set by 'Dynamite' was knocked out of the park. According to reports, SUGA, Jungkook, Jin, V, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope, broke not one but three records, as soon as the music video was released.

'Butter' officially had the largest number of viewers for its premiere in all of YouTube's history, with 3.89 million viewers tuning in. The incredibly versatile K-pop band's song also broke the record of being the fastest music video to hit 10 million views, which they reached in only 13 minutes!

Not only that, 'Dynamite's' record of 20 million is just over an hour, was also defeated by 'Butter' which it succeeded in overcoming in only 54 minutes.

BTS' Jimin himself described the song as:

"With the title 'Butter', you know the song is for easy listening. 'Smooth like Butter' is a cute song that will melt into you. It is smooth, charismatic and we have tried to put all these feelings into it."

And these records seem to agree with him.

Here's a look at the video which defined the summer of 2021:

The K-pop band's latest song, 'Permission to Dance' deserves a special mention, for in true BTS fashion, this one too reached 10 million views in less than an hour.

With these incredible records in place, only for BTS to cherish and hopefully break them multiple times in the future, the world is genuinely the oyster for this incredibly talented K-pop group.

Edited by R. Elahi
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