"My Husband's Secret Brother" cast: Meet Samantha Cope, Matthew Lawrence, and others from the Lifetime thriller

Matthew Lawrence and Samantha Cope (Image via Instagram/ samanthaccope and matthewlawrence)
Matthew Lawrence and Samantha Cope (Image via Instagram/ samanthaccope and matthewlawrence)

My Husband's Secret Brother is a perfect choice if you are craving a thriller drama. Like every week, Lifetime brings another interesting suspense flick for this weekend.

Originally titled A Deadly Deed, My Husband's Secret Brother revolves around a widow who is also an heiress to her late husband’s fortune. She finds love again, but some shocking secrets about her lover and her late husband make the protagonist fear for her and her teenage daughter’s life.

The official synopsis of My Husband's Secret Brother reads:

“Jackie, the heiress to her husband’s fortune after his death, finally finds love again with a plastic surgeon, Kevin. As tragedy continues to strike around her, secrets about Kevin and her late husband’s family nefariously come to light, placing Jackie and her daughter in fear for their lives and casting doubt on who Kevin claims to be.”

Samantha Cope as Jackie in My Husband's Secret Brother

Samantha Cope plays Jackie in My Husband's Secret Brother, who lost her husband in a car accident and is now the heiress of his fortune. While she falls in love again with a man named Kevin, she finds out he is related to her late husband. Will Jackie confront him or run for her life? Only time will tell.

Before My Husband's Secret Brother, Cope was seen in films like Insecure (2016) and An Organized Killer (2021).

Joey Lawrence as Kevin in My Husband's Secret Brother

In My Husband's Secret Brother, Joey Lawrence portrays Kevin, a plastic surgeon. He wooed Jackie after her husband’s death but later turned out to be the antagonist, according to the trailer shared by the network.

He is known for his commendable work in movies such as Brotherly Love (1995), Blossom (1990), Oliver & Company (1988), and Roe V. Wade (2021).

My Husband's Secret Brother also stars his 15-year-old daughter Charleston Lawrence, who plays Jackie’s daughter Madison.

Interestingly, Joey Lawrence and Samantha Cope are engaged in real life.

Matthew Lawrence as the late husband in My Husband's Secret Brother

My Husband's Secret Brother stars the Lawrence brothers. Joey’s younger brother Matthew Lawrence plays the late husband to Jackie in this flick. Matthew has been a part of a few gigs like Boy Meets World (1993), Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), and The Hot Chick (2002).

My Husband's Secret Brother also features third sibling Andrew Lawrence, who has also directed and co-written the movie.

It also stars several other actors such as Jennifer Taylor, Robert Davi, Jolene Kim, and Adrienne Thomas. My Husband's Secret Brother will premiere on Lifetime on September 17, Friday at 8:00 pm Central Time (CT).

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