All you need to know about MBC's idol survival show My Teenage Girl: Release date, airtime, and more

MBC's new show, My Teenage Girl, will be releasing soon (Image via MBC)
MBC's new show, My Teenage Girl, will be releasing soon (Image via MBC)

MBC's My Teenage Girl is the latest contender for the idol-survival genre in Korean television.

K-pop idol survival shows are a very hot topic in the K-pop community. Owing to the popularity and trendiness of the genre, many television studios come out with an attempt at making a truly unique show.

Releasing later this year, the show will present a unique concept that has equipped itself with well-reputed mentors to lead its contestants to success. More information on the show can be found below.

When will My Teenage Girl air? Release date, MC, Teachers, and more

My Teenage Girl is MBC's (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) new K-pop idol survival show. The show has gathered 84 female trainees from different entertainment labels, big and small. The aim is to create a "global girl group," that will be able to chart on Billboard.

The "Teenage" in the title refers to the age of the contestants. The girls in the show that will be competing with one another to secure a spot in the final line-up for the group are between the ages of 11 and 23.

Owing to the young age of the competitors, My Teenage Girl has already begun to draw flack from the general public, months before its official air date.

The celebrity staff for the show is quite packed. The vocal mentors for the trainees will be Kim Young-ji and the musical theater actress Lisa, whose real name is Jung Hee-seon.

The dance mentors are slated to be AIKI from the dance crew HOOK (of Street Woman Fighter fame) and Ryu Jae-joon. The rap mentoring will be handled by the Korean hip-hop artist Hanhae.

Kim So-hyun, a popular South Korean actress, will be hosting My Teenage Girl. The PD (producing director) for the show is Han Dong-chul, who has produced Show Me the Money, Produce 101, and Unpretty Rapstar, amongst other survival shows.

Release date and airtime

The first episode of My Teenage Girl will air on November 28, 2021. For now, the live stream timings and airtime of the show are unknown. Every new episode will be aired on the official MBC channel.

My Teenage Girl: Contestants

Currently, there are 84 trainees that will be taking part in My Teenage Girl. As the show proceeds, many will be eliminated from the show until the final line-up for the global girl group is decided.

Several trainees are already known in the K-pop industry, such as Lee Mi-hee from BOTOPASS and Bang Sun-hee from GIRLKIND. The full list of trainees can be found here.

The trainees will be split into a total of four categories based on their ages. The "first year" group will consist of those that are age 11 to 13, i.e., born between 2008 and 2010. The "second year" group is for those that are 13 to 15 years old (born between 2006 and 2007).

The "third year" group is for trainees that are ages 15 to 17, born in 2004 or 2005. The final group, the "fourth year" group, is for those that are 17 to 23 years old. They would have been born between the years 1998 and 2003.

Therefore, trainees that are below the age of 11 or older than 24 are barred from participating in the show.

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