Netizens & media awards BTS's Jimin with the title of 'Healing Idol'

Image via BigHit Entertainment
Image via BigHit Entertainment

Netizens and media from various parts of the world have taken over the internet to name BTS's Jimin as the 'Healing idol' or 'Healing Fairy.' He is known for his savvy dance moves and unique vocals. Many fans adore the superstar, and Jimin, in turn, acts as a source of comfort for ARMY's all across the globe.

According to various reports, an Italian media outlet first mentioned the superstar in their publication about mental health. This publication often covers topics of human concern like human rights, the environment, and more.

These reports suggest how many fans sought therapy after hearing Jimin's message during the #BTSLoveMyself campaign by UNICEF. Here's Jimin's message from the #BTSLoveMyself Campaign by UNICEF.

"I felt hopeless. Everything fell apart. I could only look outside my window. I could only go to my room. Yesterday, I was singing and dancing with fans around the world, and now my world has shrunk to a room. And then my friends took my hand. We comforted each other and talked about what we could do together."

Another fan expressed how the superstar's speech motivated her and her friends to seek counseling at a New York-based NGO.

felt hopeless, and everything was falling apart during the #BTSLoveMyself campaign by UNICEF. This gave me hope. Many of my friends and I got inspired to seek mental health support and open up about our needs. I am now seeking youth counselling through a New York-based NGO.

Netizen's from across the globe shower the internet with love and support for their 'Healing idol' Jimin.

Fans from various parts of the world have taken to the internet to express their appreciation for BTS's Jimin while awarding him the 'Healing Idol' or 'Healing Fairy.'

rt if park jimin is your comfort idol 🥺 our healing fairy has the prettiest smile 💗#HappyJiminDay#OurOctoberPrince#OurEternalSerendipity#HappyBirthdayJimin #jiminbirthday
coming back on october that’s our healing idol jimin’s month 😭😭😭

Another fan expressed how genuinely grateful they feel that they can enjoy and learn from his humble nature.

JIMIN with his comforting & healing words, he knows our heart so well bcs he lives there, he knws hw to bring positivity in our life. We're truly blessed to have JM as our Artist & our Idol, he is great influencer, his thought process is so mature & taught us lot. Thank you JM ♥️

Inspiring people with his experiences, ARMY's relate the most to Jimin. They draw strength and encouragement from him. Leaving aside his mega-superstar status, netizens and fans believe that Jimin's down-to-earth personality is what comforts them the most.

But the 'healing fairy' is not their only source of comfort. Spreading hope, love, and warmth through their lyrics, dance, and much, BTS has always been a source of inspiration for their ARMY's. ARMY's worldwide are proud of how the band uses their superstar status to raise awareness on various issues.

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