"10 years, 100 years, let's be together": BTS convey heartfelt messages to ARMYs on 10th Anniversary FESTA

Featuring BTS (Image via Bighit Entertainment)
Featuring BTS (Image via Bighit Entertainment)

On June 11, 2023, Bighit Entertainment posted a special question where they asked BTS members, who have been with the group for the last ten years, about what they would like to convey to ARMYs through a tweet.

Before posting the special question, the agency already asked five different questions to the BTS members, for which they have answered through several videos. The questions and answers have been designed for the celebration of the group's 10th Anniversary FESTA with their fans.

All the seven members of BTS wrote heartfelt messages for their fandom, but it was Jin's tweet that conveyed an everlasting promise. The Moon singer tweeted that he wants to stay with ARMYs for a long time.

"10 years, 100 years, Let's be together always."

BTS conveys their meaningful messages to fans, sharing sweet anecdotes and promises to stay together for a long time

Ahead of celebrating BTS' 10 years since their debut, their agency made the seven members share heartfelt and meaningful messages to their fans. As expected, ARMYs got emotional reading the tweets of RM, Suga, Jin, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

BTS' leader RM, aka Kim Namjoon, conveyed how memories play a meaningful part in their life and helps them to reminisce about a certain moments from their lives. Asking his fans to walk alongside him, he wrote:

"I see that we tweeted all sorts of things. I was really happy as I read through all of our cringey tweets that have piled up over the years. Sometimes it strikes me what a good and important memory is. Let's walk together as we make more priceless memories like these in whatever form they may take in the future!"

Meanwhile, Jin, the group's oldest member who is currently enlisted in the military, stated that he wants to be happy with the ARMYS for a long time. He further said that he wants his life to be filled with happiness, which will be possible due to ARMYs' influence.

"10 years, 100 years, Let's be together always. My life is filled with true happiness thanks to you, ARMY."

Suga, the rapper of the group, stated that he is greatful to his fans for being with the group for the last 10 years. He jokingly added that during this time period, both ARMYs and BTS have tweeted a lot, which he hopes will continue until they becme "Bulletproof Senior Scouts" (the actual meaning of Bangtan Sonyeondan, or BTS).

"Many thanks to ARMY for being with us for the last 10 years. It means the world to us. We tweeted so much, haha. Let's keep going until we become BSS(Bulletproof Senior Scouts)!"

BTS' j-hope, who is also currently enlisted in the military like Jin, wrote a cute message where he mentioned that he will be always flying around the ARMYs like the bird logo engraved on the Twitter logo.

"I can't believe that it's already been 10 years on one of our most meaningful and memory-packed communication channels. Thank you so much for your constant support and love. I'll always share my daily life with you, flying around you like the bird in the Twitter logo. Love you, ARMY"

Next, Jimin mentioned that he wishes that he feels glad knowing that he can never feel loney because of ARMYs, who are always there to support. Continuing in the same vein of emotions, he added that just like ARMYs, he also wants to be a source of comfort for the fans.

"It's so heartening that we're growing old together. I'm never lonely thanks to ARMY feeling the same emotions and reminiscing about the same things as I do. comfort to you at all times. I hope we can make you feel the same way and be a source of comfort to you all times"

BTS' V, or Kim Taehyung, then tweeted that he feels grateful to have his fans in their life and will try to read the tweets when he gets the time.

"It's really touching. In a way, it's been more than 10 years as we've been leaving these records behind since our trainee days. I hope to read them all once again from the start when I have the time! haha"

Lastly, the group's golden maknae, Jungkook, conveyed his love for the fans through a lengthy message. He wrote:

"I want to thank each and every one of you for sharing your precious moments, crying and laughing with us for the past 10 years. And thank you for teaching us a little, or maybe even too much, about happiness and love. I want to keep walking with you all for the next 10 years as well, even if we may go at a different pace. I just know that there are so many things the future holds for us, so let's trust, depend on, and love each other and continue to create memories that will abide deep in our hearts. I love you, ARMY."

Likewise, fans were overwhelmed after reading all of the BTS members' messages and wish the same for them. They also hoped to stay with the septet for a long time. With June 13, the day of BTS' debut soon approaching, celebrations await for the band as well as the fandom, even though two of the members are currently in the military.

In other news, BTS recently released their single track Take Two, which soon became the fastest K-pop song to reach No.1 on US iTunes chart.

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