"4th gen it boys": Stray Kids' Hyunjin and Felix stun fans with their look for NACIFIC

Featuring Hyunjin and Felix (Image via NACIFIC)
Featuring Hyunjin and Felix (Image via NACIFIC)

On November 27, Stray Kids' Hyunjin and Felix stunned fans with their exclusive pictures for the beauty brand NACIFIC, commemorating the end of their partnership with the group.

The brand also posted pictures with the other members, including Bang Chan, Seungmin, I.N., Lee Know, Han, and Changbin.

NACIFIC is a Korean beauty and skincare brand. As per their website, the brand "is all about achieving radiant and healthier skin, utilizing only premium quality ingredients harnessed from nature. NACIFIC believes in delivering the best for our skin."

The brand shared a series of behind-the-scenes pictures of the members, captioned:

"A collection of SKZ behind-the-scenes photos that were a perfect match with NACIFIC.zip."

As soon as fans saw the photos, the group photo of Hyunjin and Felix captured their attention. They started praising the duo for their stunning looks on social media, with one fan even tweeting:

"4th gen it boys."

Fans swoon over Hyunjin and Felix's latest photos for NACIFIC

On November 21, 2023, NACIFIC launched The Story of Nacific campaign with the eight members of the group and released a series of pictures for every member of Stray Kids. They stated that they would be giving away the eight photocards if fans purchased the products.

Later today, the brand released a series of behind-the-scenes pictures for the aforementioned campaign and also a video capturing the members cutting the cake and commemorating the end of their collaboration.

In the pictures released, Hyunjin and Felix were standing together, looking stunning in all-black ensembles. Felix wore a shirt under a tuxedo, complementing his look with a belt and earrings.

Meanwhile, Hyunjin went for brown hair and wore black clothes, adding a golden necklace to enhance his look. Fans soon started praising the members for their insane and stunning looks. They took to social media, stating they finally got HYUNLIX's exclusive pictures. They were also elated with how the brand has been treating the members for a while.

The brand captioned their post while bidding adieu to members and stated:

"With Stray Kids' 812 precious and happy days. Stray Kids' times, I hope you continue to shine just like now. Nacific will always support you. Thank you, Stray Kids."

The group has recently released their eighth mini-album, Rock-Star, and the lead track, LALALALA, has received massive compliments from fans.

They have also performed at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards where they delivered an electrifying performance on LALALALA and S-Class.

Fans would love to see more such pictures of Hyunjin and Felix.

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